Individual Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for assistance?

There must be a connection to coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Must submit information proving the connection.

The applicant must sign all required documents (application, social security number waiver, release/request of information, etc.) or their application will be rejected/denied.

All members of a household must be accounted for in the application.

If filling out the application by hand, please make sure that your writing is clear and legible.

Is there an income limit for receiving assistance?

Cannot be above 140% of Area Median Income (AMI) for the household size ($96,880 for a family of four).

How long can I receive assistance?

Maximum of 3 months of assistance or $7,200.

How will my information be verified?

The County will be conducting third party verification of all information provided and processing can take up to 21 days. Delayed receipt of a W-9 from a landlord or mortgage company could extend the amount of time necessary to complete processing.

Where are applications available?

Applications will be available at multiple locations:

  • By mail
  • By email at, if requested.
  • Download from the Brevard County Housing and Human Service Department’s website.
  • At all County Libraries.
  • On County buses (all routes).
  • As an online application which can be completed electronically.

Where can I turn in my application?

Applications will be accepted at the following locations: