Workforce Recovery Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Eligibility Criteria for businesses to participate in this program?

  • You must be a small business, 50 employees or less pre-COVID-19 (March 1, 2020).
  • For-profit and non-profit businesses may apply.
  • Your business must have been open and operational on January 1, 2020 and still currently open and operational.
  • Your business must be physically located in Brevard County.
  • A Brevard County business license is required.
  • Your business must have experienced lay-off or furloughs due to COVID-19 on or after March 1, 2020.

How can I apply for this program?

Visit for access to the Workforce Recovery Assistance Program on-line application.

Will everyone who qualifies be approved for the program?

Not necessarily, this is a first-come, first-served program and applications for eligible businesses will be approved until all funds allocated for this program have been obligated.

What is the wage rate and number of hours for the employees?

The wage cap for each employee participating in this program is $16.50 per hours. Each employee can work up to 40 hours per week, no overtime will be authorized.

As an employer, do I have any obligation to keep these employees past the supplemental period?

No, employers have no obligation to keep the employee(s) past the supplemental period.

How are funds distributed to the businesses?

There is no direct receipt of funds to the business or nonprofit. Employees who are participating in the program will be employed temporarily through a Staffing Agency (Employer of Record) and the business or nonprofit will simply sign an Agreement as a host worksite.

As a participating Worksite Employer, what are my responsibilities?

  • Supervision and oversight of the employee during their working hours and the approval of a weekly time card.
  • Periodic communication with CareerSource Brevard Staff about the program and program participants.

How many weeks does the supplemental wage period last?

Length of program may vary dependent up when an application is received and when an employee is available to start. However, this program ends on December 30th and the last day of supplemental wages will be December 30th. The deadline to apply is November 20th.

What if my previous employee(s) that were laid-off or furloughed can’t return to work for my business?

If rehires are not available, a business can identify a new worker(s) for this program that has been laid-off or furloughed.

Can this program be used to supplement the wages of a current employee instead of a returning employee?

No, this program is solely to supplement the wages of a rehire or a new hire if the former employee isn't available to return.

If my business is currently closed, can I use this program to open and supplement the wages of the owner(s), or employee(s)?

No, this program is to help businesses that are currently open and operational, rehire their laid off or furloughed employee(s).

If I have any questions who do I contact?

For the most expeditious means for a response, please email CareerSource Brevard or call our main line (321) 504-7600 (toll free in Brevard) and ask for Business Services.