Guardian ad Litem

Dear Guardian ad Litem Volunteers, Staff, Youth, and Supporters:

Guardian ad Litem standards were developed to inspire and empower volunteers and staff to say, “I am for the Child.”

“I am for the Child” is the theme for the GAL standards. I believe they reflect that we have listened to the children and young adults in foster care and that we heard their voices.

A Guardian ad Litem is so much more to a child than just their court advocate. A GAL volunteer often becomes a role model, mentor, educational surrogate, friend, confidant, and most important, a consistent caring person on whom the child can rely. The standards reflect this high level of empowerment and lay the foundation for guardians and staff to make an even greater difference in the lives of children.

“To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world.”

As we approach 2015, our 35th anniversary, with the goal of more than 10,000 volunteers, I am looking forward to supporting our dedicated volunteers and staff who are there for the children and young adults not solely because it is their job, but because it’s their passion in life. This document is a living and evolving document with the sole purpose of allowing our volunteers and staff to advocate for a child’s best interest. I welcome your comments and thoughts to improve the standards.

Thanks for the important work each of you do for children. I value your commitment and dedication to ensure children’s voices are heard and children have someone in their corner fighting for them.

These standards will allow each of you to say unequivocally “I am for the child.”

Alans Signature

Alan F. Abramowitz

Executive Director

Florida Guardian ad Litem Program