Department Opportunities

Coaching Skill Recruiting

Library Services

Brevard County Libraries have 17 locations throughout the county. They all welcome volunteers and have unique volunteer opportunities for adults and students. All library departments; Circulation, Reference, Youth Services, and Technical Processing, make use of volunteers. Our volunteers assist in shelving, “reading” shelves, stamping due date cards, repairing damaged items, assisting in the processing of new items, assisting with children’s crafts, pulling holds, receiving courier boxes and checking in those couriered items.

The libraries may offer opportunities for virtual volunteering for teens. These volunteers may write book reviews, assist with our social media pages, participate in citizen science projects, do transcribing for the Library of Congress or the National Archives. Talk to your local librarians about your talents and interests and how these can be put to use on projects which will enhance your community.

The libraries have organized groups which assist in its mission to improve the quality of life in our communities. The Friends are involved in supporting and raising additional funds for the library. They usually have monthly meetings and discuss things like book sales, donations, and other opportunities for fund raising activities.

All volunteers at the libraries are required to be background checked and if a high-level check is required, they will be fingerprinted.

Contact information for the libraries

County Attorney's Office

The Brevard County Attorney’s Office Internship Program provides interns with diverse and wide-ranging experience touching most areas of civil law with the exception of family and personal injury law. Interns must be strong writers and will primarily be focused on research, although there are often opportunities to draft and amend local ordinances, to assist attorneys with litigation, mediation and appellate work, to attend judicial or quasi-judicial hearings, and to attend meetings where attorneys are requested.

Office of Human Resources(HR)

The Human Resources Department provides centralized personnel services for Brevard County departments. Those placed in Human Resources will directly assist managers on a wide range of projects related to recruiting, benefits, volunteer programs and/or other functions of HR. They will learn how to apply skills learned in school in a professional setting to gain a better understanding of the role of Human Resources in local government. Applicants with an interest and aptitude to work in HR will have priority on any available opportunities within Human Resources. Upon completion they will be better prepared to work in any Human Resources office.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources works with volunteers of all ages on a variety of short and long‐term projects. If you would like to dedicate a portion of your time as a Volunteer, please contact the BRAVE Volunteer Coordinator or the Natural Resources Management Office (NRMO) at (321) 633‐2016 for more information.

Natural Resources Watershed Program Storm drain marking, and inventory of markers

Volunteers are needed to locate areas for storm drain marking within the unincorporated areas of Brevard County, and cities of West Melbourne and Malabar. Markers, as shown to the right, will be attached by volunteers to the storm drains as a method of helping the community learn about the role people play in preventing pollutants from entering the stormwater system. All materials and safety equipment needed for this activity are provided by Brevard County.

Natural Resources Environmental Education Featuring the Enviroscape

Volunteers can assist with watershed education by showing the connection between people and pollution. Volunteers receive training to use the Enviroscape to conduct an interactive demonstration of the impact pollution has on stormwater. Following training, the Enviroscape and all necessary materials will be loaned to volunteers for presentations.

Natural Resources Storm Water Asset Mapping Program (SWAMP)

This project involves adding data to our GIS database. The volunteer may be asked to perform office work using ESRI ArcMAP and Google Earth to accurately draw physical points and lines that represent stormwater structures. Volunteers may also use paper information and transfer the data to GIS by digitizing and assigning basic attributes to structures that can then be used as a layer. Volunteers may also be asked to manipulate other types of Excel / GIS data or create printed maps as needed. Must have proficient computer skills, basic GIS skills, attention to detail, must be reliable and willing to commit to set work schedule each week, able to work with minimal supervision, attend in-person interview and pass low level background screening. You will be asked to work a 4-hour shift once a week. Natural Resources employees will provide orientation to department, description of duties and introduction to storm structures and the mapping process.

Natural Resources Stormwater Assessment Clerk*

  • Assist staff with Access database data entry – Experience helpful, not required
  • Retrieve, Print, File property review information gathered from a variety of applications:  Property Appraiser and Tax Collector websites + Intranet Mapper + Assessment billing
  • Scanning, sorting documents, destruction of docs for records management
  • Training provided
  • Flexible hours once training is complete

*Suitable for short‐term or ongoing projects

Natural Resources Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Volunteer Opportunities

Brevard County has more than 180 outdoor monofilament recycling bins that require regular emptying. These bins are located on all major waterways, as well as public parks adjacent to waterways, boat ramps, fishing piers, and even some marinas

Volunteer opportunities are available to sponsor an outdoor monofilament recycling bin and empty it of line on a monthly basis.

Natural Resources Brevard Oyster Gardening Project

Brevard County has partnered with Brevard Zoo to launch the Oyster Gardening Project; a community- based program that allows citizens to foster and raise oysters that will later be introduced back in to the Indian River Lagoon.

Natural Resources Regular‐service volunteers

Natural Resources Regular‐service volunteers participate in ongoing activities, such as gardening projects, stocking brochures, outdoor land management activities, and monitoring wildlife, just to name a few. Our regular service volunteers receive fundamental training basic to all volunteer activities, plus a County-issued photo ID badge, subject to security checks.

Environmentally Endangered Lands Program

Volunteers are an important part of the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program (EEL. The EEL Volunteer Program offers Brevard County citizens the opportunity to become involved in local land conservation efforts. Volunteers help the program build partnerships with organizations and businesses. They also expand the EEL Program's ability to manage the EEL Sanctuary Network.

EEL volunteers help Brevard's natural resources by contributing their valuable time and skills. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that include removing invasive exotic plants, leading nature hikes, posting sanctuary boundaries, building boardwalks and trail signs, studying habitat recovery, and developing educational materials. Volunteers' time and skills have a positive impact on today's citizens and future generations.

Learn more about Environmentally Endangered Lands Program online OR Email the EEL Program staff for information OR call:

  • Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary 321-264-5185
  • Sam’s House Education Center at Pine Island Conservation Area, Merritt Island 321-449-4720
  • Barrier Island Center, Melbourne Beach 321-723-3556

Parks and Recreation

Brevard County Parks and Recreation offers many opportunities for those interested in volunteering in the community. Volunteers are always needed for one-time events or on a regular basis. The department provides stewardship to a wide variety of natural resources, vegetation, and wildlife species in Brevard County’s 117 parks, 3 campgrounds, 3 nature centers, 3 education centers, and 44 beach access sites.

The department manages 10 school athletic sites and more than 16,500 acres of Environmentally Endangered Lands, sanctuaries, and conservation areas. They serve and provide activities for nearly 550,000 residents of Brevard County as well as tourists from outside the area and the state.

Volunteer opportunities are diverse, ranging from projects such as invasive species removal, and grounds maintenance to assisting with Beach cleanups and out‐of‐school programs. The department welcomes and encourages students, parents, retirees, environmentalists, pet lovers and avid gardeners to share their time and talents with us. If you are interested, please call the park of your choice or stop by their office to inquire about opportunities and to complete a volunteer application.

See the website for the Brevard County Parks Directory.

Planning and Development

Planning and Development has opportunities for volunteers in Code Enforcement and in Permitting. Volunteers assist with clerical duties such as filing, scanning and digitally storing files and maps, assisting customers on the phone, and database or data entry.

Public Works

Public Works is a 318-employee organization which conducts Surveying, Engineering, Capital Improvement Construction Management, Right of Way Review, Approval, and Inspection, Traffic Operations, Land Acquisition, and Flood Zones as well as Road and Bridge Construction and Maintenance for Brevard County, Florida. Responsibilities also include administration and financial management of the aforementioned product and services across a 1,575 square mile County servicing over 600,000 residents. Also included is facility maintenance of roughly 1.8M square feet of County facilities.

Space Coast Government TV/Communications

Volunteers can assist Space Coast Government TV by assisting with social media management, content editing, graphics design, or office assistance. This is a small office and opportunities are very limited.

Transit Services

Since its inception, Volunteers in Motion has been able to assist thousands of elderly individuals, who would otherwise be unable to live independently. Program volunteers receive training by attending instructional classes, and are provided with state-of-the-art vehicles. Those interested in volunteering can click here to fill out an online application: Volunteers in Motion.

Opportunities outside of the BRAVE Program

Agriculture and Extension

Adult volunteers play an important role in the 4-H program. They mentor 4-H youth, coordinate local community clubs, and help to plan and run events. Learn how to get started and receive training to be a 4-H volunteer. Contact the University of Florida IFAS Extension Brevard County Office to learn more at 321-633-1702 or check out the UF IFAS Extension website .

Animal Services

Volunteers for Animal Services will now be serving with and processed through the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department. For more information please visit Sheriff's Office - Animal Services


Brevard County has more than 700 children who need someone to give them a voice and see that their best interests are served. Because the number of cases has grown tremendously in recent years, more volunteers are urgently needed.

The Guardian ad Litem is an advocate for a child in the court system. A Guardian ad Litem is not a foster parent, legal guardian, or expected to provide a home for the child. Guardians are paired with an attorney and Child Advocate Manager to make recommendations to the judge regarding a safe place or special services.

  • If you have a clean background, are at least 21 years of age, we want to hear from you.
  • If you are interested in signing up for one of the training classes, complete application online.
  • If you would like more information please contact our trainer, Terry Spain, (321) 690-6823 x 56290.
If you are interested please visit Guardian Ad-Litem.

Fire Reservists / Volunteers

Brevard County Fire Rescue (BCFR) fire operations are supplemented by our fire reservist program. Fire reservists are unpaid members of the department and serve alongside our career personnel on a variety of emergency calls including structure fires, brush fires, vehicle accidents, etc. Reservists can choose to ride at any one of BCFR’s 31 stations. When necessary, reservists also provide stand-by cover- age at special events throughout the county.

Fire reservists and volunteers will be required to attend regular meetings and training sessions in order to remain in good standing. For more information on becoming a member of the reserve or volunteer programs, call (321) 633-2056.