Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency Beautification Program

The purpose of the Beautification Committee is to plan, promote, encourage, and unify efforts to beautify the Merritt Island Redevelopment Area, and to protect its natural resources.

Membership is open to citizens of Merritt Island interested in beautification. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month, at the Merritt Island Government Center Complex until and unless another time or venue must be selected. All meetings are open to the public.

Program Objectives

Environmental Conservation:

The façade improvement grant encourages landscaping improvements and environmental conservation measures where applicable.

Historical Preservation:

Priority will be given to projects which can demonstrate the preservation or restoration of historical or heritage elements of the property.

Safety, Security and Convenience:

The program encourages safe and convenient business environments for customers and employees.

Commercial Facade Improvement Grant Program

  • FOR commercial property owners
  • TO improve the aesthetic appeal of the redevelopment area
  • BY providing matching grants to fund property improvements

Eligible Recipients Grantee must be the property owner or leasee, as evidenced by a deed or lease agreement, property taxes must be paid in full prior to the application date, and property must be located within the Merritt Island Redevelopment Area. The improvement of any one structure, including any accessory structures, shall constitute one project, even if the structure occupies more than one parcel of property.

Matching Funds:

  • Grant funding is based on 50% of the eligible project cost up to $17,500, reimbursable with proof of project cost/completion.
  • Amount received will not exceed $17,500 or 50% of applicable project cost, whichever is lower.
  • Applicants are eligible to receive up to $17,500 per project per 5-year period.

Facade Grant Application:

  • Copy of deed/proof of ownership with Legal Description.
  • Detailed/itemized description of planned improvements to include a written description of how the improvements fulfill the MIRA Objectives.
  • Three or more color photographs of current condition.
  • Two competing estimates/quotes/bids for all costs associated with the project.
    • Estimates/quotes/bids must list individually all items of work to be performed with a price for each item.
  • All work must be performed by a licensed contractor. (Work performed by the applicant will be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as detailed specifications are provided.)
  • The review for completeness will include an analysis of the cost reasonableness of the request based on accepted industry standards.
  • All proposed grant-applicable improvements must be visible from the road.

Eligible Expenses (Final View):

  • All improvements must be visible from the road and meet all applicable Brevard County zoning ordinances and State of Florida Building Code.
  • Demolition required to facilitate approved façade improvements.
  • Architectural lighting and security lighting as part of other project improvements.
  • Landscape improvements (irrigation must be available). NOTE: New landscape will be considered as a stand-alone project and irrigation must be provided.
  • New exterior doors, windows and awnings and decorative shutters.
  • Signage, as part of more extensive project improvements.
  • Painting, new stucco and stucco bands.
  • Vinyl, soffit, gutters, and fascia.
  • Roof must be a pitched roof and visible from the roadway. Flat roofs are not eligible unless part of the historic architectural character of the building. New roof(s) must be metal or dimensional architectural type shingle or tile. Roof costs are permitted as part of more extensive project improvements.
  • Improvements that enhance access, handicap ramps, sidewalk, railings, etc., as part of more extensive project improvements or standalone projects which can be seen from the road qualify for a $5,000 match ($10,000 project total).
  • Fences must be decorative or for security.
  • Parking lot resurfacing, restriping, resealing and sidewalks or paver work are eligible as part of more extensive project improvements. Other improvements may be considered as long as they meet the goals and objectives of the Commercial Façade Grant Program.
  • Engineering or Architectural Design work capped at $2,500 ($5,000 project total)

Commercial Facade Improvement Grants are subject to approval by MIRA and the MIRA Beautification Committee. A pre-application meeting may be obtained by calling the Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency at (321) 454-6610.

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