Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency Capital Projects

Without MIRA's leadership and dedicated resources, the implementation of many necessary redevelopment projects within the Area would be lagging today. The following lists some of MIRA's accomplishments and current initiatives!

1) SR 520 Improvements

SR 520 is one of the most traveled corridors in the County with approximately 40 thousand trips per day and serves as the gateway to Merritt Island from Cocoa to Cocoa Beach. As such, it reflects on the character of Merritt Island. Therefore, MIRA focused extensively on improvements to SR 520 including:

  • Landscaped Medians
  • New mast arms and traffic signals
  • Upgraded street lighting
  • Intersection safety improvements including colored crosswalks

To help pay for these extensive improvements, MIRA was successful in leveraging over 2.5 million dollars in grants!

2) SR 3 (Courtenay Parkway) Improvements

Corridor improvements have been completed for a portion of Courtenay Parkway including landscaped medians, marked crosswalks, and pavers. Future Improvements have been planned that will include: sidewalks, bus shelters, lighting, and access management. MIRA worked with FDOT to complete a Corridor Planning Study to assist in leveraging of future funds for these improvements.

3) Merritt Park Place

Merritt Park Place is the oldest residential subdivision on Merritt Island! This historic neighborhood with its grid system streets has been transitioning into small commercial/professional "cottage business." MIRA undertook the planning, design, and construction of new infrastructure for this unique area in conjunction with Brevard County Public Works and Utilities Departments.

These improvements included:

  • New water lines
  • Sanitary sewer installation
  • Streetscaping, on-street parking and street resurfacing, sidewalks, landscaped medians, brick pavers, and new decorative street lighting

These improvements resulted in Merritt Island’s only pedestrian friendly shopping and office village which is now home to well over 300 retail stores and offices.

4) Veterans Memorial Regional Stormwater Facility and Park

The proper collection and distribution of stormwater is critical to the economic development of a urban area, especially when located on an island! Much of Merritt Island’s commercial core area has antiquated piping and no regional conveyance or collection system.

Working closely with Brevard County, MIRA was instrumental in the purchasing and development assistance of the Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility and Recreational Park. The facility is strategically located to collect and treat stormwater from the major commercial areas south of SR 520 to Fortenberry Road. This facility will allow these properties to redevelop to their full commercial potential which will accomplish the dual benefit of increasing property values as well as water quality improvements to the adjacent Lagoon!

5) Parks

Every community values their public spaces and MIRA has assisted the Merritt Island community in the successful development of their parks by contributing to various aspects of the project including:

  • Waterway Park shoreline revetment, riverfront walkways, landscaping, and lighting.
  • Veterans Memorial Center regional stormwater park acquisition, parking lot, and signage.
  • Griffis Landing acquisition and signage.
  • Kiwanis Island Park entrance sign and landscape.
  • MILA Sports Park entrance sign.

6) Commercial Facade Improvement Grant Program

MIRA administers this program which has a direct positive affect on all business owners within the District. The grant is designed to substantially improve the aesthetic appeal of the redevelopment area by providing matching grants to commercial property owners that fund property improvements. The Agency has generated more than a 6 to 1 return on MIRA's investment!

7) Cone Road Infrastructure Improvement Project

MIRA is pleased to work under a cooperative agreement with Brevard County in leveraging our mutual resources to bring this win-win project to fruition! Improvements to the Cone Road Infrastructure have long been part of the Capital Improvement plans for MIRA and Brevard County. Working cooperatively with Public Works, Utilities, and Natural Resources; the dangerous drainage ditch along Cone Road will be piped, water quality treatment improvements will be made to the stormwater discharge, and a sidewalk will be built. In addition, the sanitary sewer system will be expanded into the Industrial Park area allowing for the removal of failing septic tanks from the watershed.

MIRA has also secured alternative funding that will extend financial assistance to the affected property owners. MIRA is the recipient of a St. Johns River Water Management District, Cooperative Cost Share Initiative Program Grant. The Cost Share Grant provides reimbursement of up to 33% of the construction costs, including the construction cost a private property owner will incur in order to hook up to the sanitary sewer and to abandon the septic tank. The Project will be completed within the two (2) year Grant funding cycle (2016-2018).

8) Commercial Core Overlay District

MIRA has initiated a process for developing a regulatory framework for the Merritt Island Redevelopment Area with the intent of facilitating quality redevelopment in the area. The development of user-friendly regulations will assist in implementation of the vision for the SR 520 Commercial Core, Cone Road, and the SR 3 sub-areas within the MIRA district.

Future Plans

In 2013, MIRA and the Board of County Commissioners adopted an updated Redevelopment Plan for Merritt Island’s Redevelopment Area. The following describes a number of projects being proposed for the next several years.

1) SR 520 Commercial Core Sub-Area

  • Merritt Island Gateway Signage
  • Merritt Square Mall Small Area Plan
  • Fortenberry Regional Stormwater Pond – continuing the development of the Veterans Regional Stormwater Park
  • Kiwanis Park Eco-Tourism Improvements

2) SR 3 Sub-Area

  • Continue and promote the successful façade improvement program
  • Upgrade street lighting along the north end of the corridor
  • Work with FDOT to pursue options to accommodate bike paths and additional landscaping along SR 3.
  • Construct sidewalk/bike path on the west side of SR 3 North of Spruce Avenue to SR 528
  • Pursue FDOT corridor study funding for aesthetic and functional improvements including intersections and bus stops

3) Barge Canal Sub-Area

  • Gateway Signage
  • Code enforcement/clean-up program for the eastern industrial outside storage area north of SR 528 along Banana River Drive
  • Initiate Small Area Plan in conjunction with Brevard County and the Port Authority
  • Work with the State of Florida to develop eco-tourism opportunities.

4) Cone Road Sub-Area

  • Cone Road improvements; pipe ditch, provide sidewalks and landscaping
  • Rezone residential properties to commercial or industrial as appropriate
  • Provide for waterfront park and waterfront access
  • Initiate preliminary engineering for stormwater management plan
  • Initiate preliminary engineering for sanitary sewer extension
  • Investigate Brownfield designation
  • Work with the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority to coordinate economic development goals in and around the Merritt Island Airport.