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View Herbarium Information and Specimens

What is a Herbarium?

A herbarium is a collection of pressed, dried plants. The pllants are mounted on card stock along with a data label and are stored in an insect-proof cabinet. Think of a herbarium as a plant museum with an emphasis on storage and research rather than public displays.

Research Purpose:
  • to document when and where a plant was collected
  • to allow experts to confirm the identity of a plant
  • to store a duplicate specimen at a university herbarium for future research

Reference Purpose:
  • to compare with future specimens
  • to display for the education of staff and the public
  • the public may visit the Herbarium by appointment with NRMO

Brevard County NRMO Herbarium Specimen Collection

Specimen images in our collection are available for viewing below, arranged in alphabetical order by botanical name. Click any image to see a larger version.

Abrus Precatorius

Acacia Farnesiana

Acalypha Amentacea

Acer Rubrum

Acer Rubrum 2

Acrostichum Danaeifolium

Agalinis Fasciculata

Agalinis Fasciculata 2

Agalinis Fasciculata 3

Agalinis Filifolia

Ageratina Jucunda

Aletris Lutea

Alternanthera Philoxeroides

Amaranthus Spinosus

Ambrosia Artemisiifolia

Ambrosia Artemisiifolia 2

Ammannia Latifolia

Amorpha Fruticosa

Amorpha Fruticosa 2

Ampelopsis Arborea

View State Prohibited Plants

State Prohibited Plants

List of Prohibited Aquatic Plants and Regulations
62C-52.011 Prohibited Aquatic Plants
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Invasive Plant Management

Florida Statutes: 369.22 Non-indigenous aquatic plant control
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Invasive Plant Management

View Rare Plant Survey Information

Brevard County is conducting a survey for seven extremely rare plant species. One of these species, the Titusville Mint (Scientific name: Dicerandra thinicola) is known nowhere else in the world except from only a few areas in Titusville and Scottsmore Brevard County is conducting a survey for seven extremely rare plant species. One of these species, the Titusville Mint (Scientific name: Dicerandra thinicola) is known nowhere else in the world except from only a few areas in Titusville and Scottsmore. The purpose of the survey project is to search for more Titusville Mint within its known range to better understand its status. This survey has uncovered a few new locations for this unique plant. It makes a colorful native landscape groundcover and attracts butterflies. It has profuse pink and purple flowers from September to November each year and its leaves have a strong mint odor when touched. The funding for the status survey is provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Office.

The discovery of this endangered plant on a property does not restrict the property owner's use of his/her own property. The endangered plant laws treat such plants as property of the owner. While we encourage you to enjoy and protect this special plant, you are under no obligation by federal or state law to do so.

The preservation of this species and other rare plant species may count toward the requirements of the county's landscaping and preservation requirements. If you do not choose to protect the plant, you may allow plant conservation ecologists to salvage plant material for future research and off-site preservation.

The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services is funding the search for the following plant species in natural areas in Brevard County: Harrisia fragrans, Deeringothamnus rugelii, Deeringothamnus pulchellus, Warea carteri, Nolina brittoniana, and Polygala lewtonii.

View Threatened/Endangered Plants in Brevard

Brevard County supports a total of 53 taxa of plants that are State-listed as endangered, threatened, or commercially exploited (CE) and are statutorily protected by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS) in accordance with The Preservation of Native Flora of Florida Act (Section 581.185-187; FS) and Chapter 5B-40 of the FAC.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) lists four of the state-listed species in Brevard. Federal listing of plant species provides them protection in accordance with the Endangered Species Act (50 CFR 17.12). Three of the four federally listed plant taxa have not been observed within Brevard for over a decade.  No status surveys for those three taxa nor for additional taxa that may occur in Brevard had been conducted within a decade prior to Brevard County initiating rare plant surveys last year with the support of grant funding. The state-listed and federally-listed plant taxa that have been recorded for Brevard County are in the table below.

  • E - Endangered
  • T -Threatened
  • CE - Commercially Exploited

Scientific Name Common Name Plant Family Protection Status
Nolina atopocarpa Florida beargrass Agavaceae T
Zephranthes simpsonii Simpson's zephyr lily Amaryllidaceae T
Matelea gonocarpos Angel-pod; Climbing milk weed; Angular fruit milkvine Asclepiadaceae T
Asclepias curtissii Curtiss' (sandhill) milkweed Asclepidaceae E
Garberia heterophylla Garberia Asteraceae T
Argusia gnaphalodes Sea lavender; Sea rosemary Boraginaceae E
Warea carteri Carter's mustard; Carters pineland cress Brassicaceae E E
Tillandsia balbisiana Wild pine Bromeliaceae T
Tillandsia utriculata Giant wild pine Bromeliaceae E
Harrisia eriorphora = Harrisia fragrans = Cereus eriophorus var. fragrans Fragrant prickly apple; Caribbean applecactus Cactaceae E E
Harrisia gracilis = Harrisia simpsonii = Cereus gracilis var. simpsonii West coast prickly apple; Simpsons applecactus Cactaceae E
Opuntia stricta Prickly pear cactus Cactaceae T
Lechea cernua Nodding (drooping; scrub) pinweed Cistaceae T
Lechea divaricata Pine (spreading) pinweed Cistaceae E
Zamia pumila Coontie Cycadaceae CE
Cyperus pedunculatus = Remirea maritima Beach star Cyperaceae E
Monotropsis reynoldsiae Pygmy-pipes; Sweet pinesap Ericaceae E
Chamaesyce cumulicola Sand dune spurge Eeuphorbiaceae E
Tephrosia angustissima var. curtissii Curtiss Hoary-pea Fabaceae E
Asplenium serratum Bird's nest spleenwort fern; Aspleniaceae E
Lycopodium cernuum Nodding club moss fern; Lycopodiaceae CE
Ophioglossum palmatum Hand fern fern; Ophioglossaceae E
Osmunda cinnamomea Cinnamon fern fern; Osmundaceae CE
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis Royal fern fern; Osmundaceae CE
Pecluma dispersa Widespread polypody fern; Polypodiaceae E
Pecluma plumula Plume polypody fern; Polypodiaceae E
Pecluma ptilodon var. caespitosa Swamp plume polypody; Comb polypody fern; Polypodiaceae E
Acrostichum aureum Giant leather fern; Inland leather fern fern; Pteridaceae T
Scaevola plumieri Inkberry; Beach berry Goodenaceae T
Halophila johnsonii Johnson's sea-grass Hydrocharitaceae E T
Nemastylis floridana Fall-flowering pleat-leaf; Celestial lily Iridaceae E
Dicerandra thinicola Titusville Balm Lamiaceae E
Conradina grandiflora Large-flowered rosemary Lamiaceae T
Pinguicula caerulea Blue butterwort Lentibulari-aceae T
Pinguicula lutea Yellow butterwort lentibulari-aceae T
Lilium catesbaei Catesby's lily, Pine Lily Liliaceae T
Myrcianthes fragrans Simpson's stopper Myrtaceae T
Calopogon mulitflorus Many-flowered grass pink Orchidaceae E
Epidendrum conopseum Greenfly orchid Orchidaceae CE
Habenaria nivea = Platanthera nivea Snowy orchid; Bog torch Orchidaceae T
Hexalectris spicata Crested coralroot Orchidaceae E
Platanthera blephariglottis var. conspicua White-fringed orchid; Plume of Navarre Orchidaceae T
Platanthera ciliaris Yellow-fringed orchid; Orange plume Orchidaceae T
Pteroglossapsis ecristata Non-crested eulophia; False coco; Giant orchid Orchidaceae T
Sacoila lanceolata var. lanceolata = Stenorryhnchos lanceolata Leafless beaked orchid Orchidaceae T
Peperomia humilis Peperomia Piperaceae E
Peperomia obtusifolia Florida peperomia Piperaceae E
Calamovilfa curtissii Curtiss' reedgrass; Curtiss' sand grass; Florida sand reed Poaceae T
Chrysophyllum oliviforme Satinleaf Sapotaceae T
Schwalbea americana American chaffseed Schophulariaceae E E
Glandularia maritima = Verbena maritima Coastal vervain Verbenaceae E
Glandularia tampensis = Verbena tampensis Tampa vervain Verbenaceae E
Lantana depressa var. floridana Atlantic Coast Florida lantana; East Coast lantana Verbenaceae E

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