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Q: If I can't find the answer using the website navigation or "Site Index & Search Tools" available in the top navigation panel, how do I ask a question?

A: For your convenience, we maintain a growing list of the most frequently asked questions about Brevard County Park policies, parks lands, employment, and activities. If you can't find the information you are looking for you can email your question to


Q: Can I have a small party on the beach or in a park and serve beer or other alcohol?

A: In our parks, you can acquire a FacilityUse Permit to hold a function where alcohol is served at a “designated” area, usually a Community Center or pavilion, but not on beaches or on park grounds managed by the Department.

The only time when it is permitted otherwise in our parks is for large, multi-sponsored events such as a festival at a beach park. However, private commercial businesses on the beach, such as the Pier in Cape Canaveral, and restaurants and hotels may have permitting that allows alcoholic consumption by groups that are sanctioned by them.

For further information, contact the manager of the park or facility where you are interested in scheduling your function.


Q: If I find a dead animal on the beach or in a park, who do I contact to remove it?

A: Each park managed by Brevard County Parks and Recreation has a maintenance team that removes dead animals if they see or are alerted to the fact. However, because the beaches between park crossovers and the ocean are not part of the parks, it is best to contact Brevard County Sheriff Animal Control Services. They can pick up a dead animal within a few hours after receiving a call for pick up. Picking up dead animals is secondary to all other priority calls (the only exception is dead animals at a day care, school or near a bus stop). Contact Brevard County Sheriff Animal Control Services by calling: 321-253-6608 or 321-264-5119.

Q: If I see stray animals or dangerous wildlife in a park, who do I call?

A: Immediately alert the park maintenance staff or associated County Area Parks Operations office (or City office, if a municipal park); and/or contact Brevard County Sheriff Dept Animal Control Services by calling: 321-253-6608 or 321-264-5119.

Q: Are dogs allowed in parks?

A: See Frequently Asked Questions - Dogs or detailed information at Dogs In Parks

Beach Cleanup

Q: How can my organization get involved in a beach cleanup day or find out more about the Adopt-A-Shore program?

A: Go to the Keep Brevard Beautiful web site, call 321-453-8767, or Click Here To Email.

Bikes In Parks

Q: Can I ride my bike off road in Brevard County Parks?

A: Because of the sensitive ecosystems, street bikes and mountain bikes are restricted to roadways and bike paths in parks managed by Brevard County Parks and Recreation. With regard to parks managed by cities or privately owned properties, you should seek permission from the property owner or manager. Although the bike trails are not identified as "off road", you might be interested to know that bike trails are identified in the St. Johns River Water Management District book "Recreation Guide to District Lands" for some of the conservation areas and buffer preserves. On the Publications page, select "Recreation Guide to District Lands" at the following web site:

Bike Trails

Q: Does the recreation department have maps of bike trails or designated bike routes throughout the County?

A: No, the Parks and Recreation Department does not publish a map of bike trails. However, if you are looking for wilderness bike trails, a publication called Recreation Guide to District Lands is available at the St. Johns River Water Management District website. You can view and print pages online from a PDF Acrobat Reader version, or request a hard copy. The publication identifies conservation areas (several in Brevard County) that include thousands of acres and have marked bike trails: outreach/pubs/recguide/recguide.html (view either the Central or Southern Regions).

There is also a bike trail in the Archie Carr Nation Wildlife Refuge that connects Long Point Park with Sebastian Inlet. Other dirt road bike trails include Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary in Merritt Island, and Black Point Drive in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

The Brevard County Bicycle Pedestrian Program is coordinated by the Office of Traffic Engineering. In May 2001, the Brevard Metropolitan Planning Organization adopted the Brevard County Greenways and Trails Master Plan. The Plan incorporates public comments and ideas collected during the Master Plan development and identifies the opportunities for a trail system that serves transportation, recreation and conservation needs. The MPO is now know as the Transportation Planning Organization

The Brevard County Bicycle Pedestrian Program is supported by citizen advisory committees, and many of those citizens are associated with bicycle shops in Brevard County -- employees at these shops are an excellent source of information regarding bike trails.


Q: Is it permissable to have a bonfire on a beach in Brevard County?

A: Brevard County Ordinance Sec. 78-114 states:
No person in any park or recreational area shall ignite, set or maintain any fire for cooking or any other purpose unless such fire is within a designated area for such purpose.

With two exceptions, beaches in Brevard County are not designated areas and fires are not allowed.

The exception includes beaches within the city limits of Cocoa Beach or Satellite Beach.

Contact the applicable municipality for details about requirements they may have, or for any updates that might have been made to the following rules:

The City of Cocoa Beach will issue a permit for bonfires per City Ordinance 9-10 per the following conditions:

  • Permit issued to persons over 18 years of age or older who are Brevard County residents
  • Photo ID required
  • $‚Äč30 permit fee
  • Permit issued for only for campfires between the north side of Minutemen Cswy and northern boundary of the city
  • Permit issued on day of request dependent on wind conditions existing or anticipated (if permit is revoked on site due to wind conditions, permit fee will be refunded by mail)
  • No refunds issued due to rain
  • Fires can be no less than 100 ft from a stub-end street of dune crossover and at least 30 ft from any dune crossover or vegetation
  • Fire cannot exceed 3 ft in diameter or 3 ft in height and must be surrounded by beach sand only
  • Fire may not be left unattended and the permit and owner must be present at all times
  • Fires must be out by 12 midnight
  • All fire debris must be extinguished and removed (not buried) with site restored to natural condition
  • No burn permits issued from March 1 and October 31

City of Cocoa Beach Recreation - (321) 868-3330

The City of Satellite Beach will issue a permit for bonfires per Recreation Rule conditions. Contact the City of Satellite Beach Fire Department for more information: (321) 773-4405


Q: Can I rent a canoe or kayak at a Brevard County park?

A: The Department does not rent canoes or kayaks, but here are some rental businesses:

Calema Windurfing & Watersports - 2550 N Banana River Dr, MI, 321-453-3223

Ocean Sports World - 3220 S. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach, 321-783-4088

Village Outfitters - 113 Brevard Avenue, Cocoa, 321-633-7245

Honest John's Fish Camp - 750 Mullet Creek Rd., Melbourne, 321-727-2923

Note: There is also a paddling club in Brevard County. 


Q: Our dog is part of our family and wants to come along on outings, which parks can we take him to?

A: In many parks only service animals are allowed. However, there are designated areas in some parks where dogs may accompany their owners. Please search the website for 'dogs' or click on the park. 


Q: Does Brevard County have specific rules and/or recommendations regarding litter, pet waste, and the various materials that contaminate our parks and waterways?

A: Contact the Brevard County Natural Resource Management Office for information.
Phone: 321-633-2016

Q: Does Brevard County have a program for conservation of sensitive ecosystems and environmental education?

A: Yes, the Parks and Recreation Department manages the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program.

For questions involving other resource management, permitting, remediation, or compliance issues, contact the Brevard County Natural Resource Management Office for information.
Phone: 321-633-2016

Feeding Scrub Jays

Q: Is it okay to feed scrub jays peanuts and scraps of food?

A: The U.S. Federal Wildlife Service specifically requested Brevard County Natural Resources Management Office to inform residents and visitors that hand-feeding Scrub Jays is in direct violation of the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act defines hand-feeding of Scrub Jays as harassment because it teaches jays to look to humans for direct hand outs and is detrimental to long term survival. Hanging bird feeders available to all birds are not covered by the policy as it is not 'directly' or 'actively' feeding jays. Brevard County Natural Resource Management Office Phone: 321-633-2016

Find a Park

Q: Why is the park I am looking for not listed in the Brevard County Parks and Recreation directory?

A: By the municipality (city) in which it is located. There are some city parks that Brevard County Parks and Recreation does manage through contractual agreements with those cities.

Q: Why is my child's Little League Association not listed in the Brevard County Parks and Recreation directory?

A: The leagues listed at this website are the ones on user agreement or facility use permit to use Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department fields or School Board fields that are managed by this Department through a co-use agreement. In other words, the leagues listed on out website administer sports programs associated with this Department. Those athletic leagues that use properties associated with cities that have their own Recreation Department are not listed. 

Fishing Regulations

Q: When do I need a fishing license for saltwater or freshwater recreational fishing? Where would I get a license?

A: Some general information is listed below, however to be sure you know current up-to-date regulations, the Florida Wildlife Code is the final authority on fishing laws. For your convenience you may order an instant fishing license either by going to: or by calling toll free: 1-888-FISH FLORIDA (347-4356).

After reviewing the fishing regulations below, visit Brevard County Parks and Recreation site.

LICENSES & REGULATIONS - Be sure to check for current revisions at

• Freshwater Recreational Fishing
• Freshwater Recreational Exemptions
Saltwater Recreational Fishing
Saltwater Recreational Exemptions

FRESHWATER Recreational Fishing License


For fees go to:
For further information go to:

Licensing requirements follow the species of fish you are fishing for, regardless of where you are fishing. For example, anglers fishing for and possessing largemouth bass in brackish water need a freshwater license; anglers fishing for saltwater species in fresh water (e.g., spotted sea trout, red drum, snook, or American shad) need a saltwater license to possess these species if fishing from a boat.

FRESHWATER Recreational Fishing


For complete information go to:

  • Florida residents 65 years of age or older who possess either a Resident Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate or proof of age and residency.

  • Georgia residents 65 years fo age or older who have in their possession a Georgia Honorary Combination Hunting and Fishing License and proof of age.

  • Children under 16 years of age

  • Any resident who is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and is not stationed in Florida, home on leave for 30 days or less, upon submission of orders.

  • Any resident fishin in the county of his or her residence with live or natural bait, using poles or hand lines that are not equipped with a reel or other line retrieval mechanism (cane pole), for noncommercial purposes.

  • Anyone fishing in a private fishing pond less than 20 acres that is entirely within the property lines of the owner with no surface water connection to public waters.

  • Anyone fishing during Free Fishing Weekend (usually the first weekend in April)

SALTWATER - Recreational Fishing Regulations


For complete information go to:

  • State waters extend to 3 nautical miles on the Atlantic and 9 nautical miles on the Gulf. Federal rules apply beyond state waters. For species that do not have an established bag limit, more than 100 pounds or 2 fish per person per day (whichever is greater), is considered commercial quantities. A saltwater products license and commercial vessel registration is required to harvest commercial quantities of unregulated species. The failure to include complete laws, rules, and regulations in this summary does not relieve persons from abiding by those laws, rules, or regulations.

  • Regulations are by species, minimum size limit, closed season where applicable, daily recreational bag limit, and other restrictions as listed:

SALTWATER - Recreational Fishing


For complete information go to:
For Fees go to:

Department Funding

Q: From what sources is the Parks and Recreation Department funded?

A: The Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department receives funding through a myriad of sources including:

  • General Fund county taxes
  • Special Board of County Commission appropriations for designated purposes.
  • Voter approved taxes such as:
    • Beach & Riverfront Acquisition Program
    • Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
    • MSTUs (Municipal Service Taxing Units, such as the one in Port St. John that is funding the development of facilities at Port St. John Community Center, Space Coast Community Sports Complex, and Fay Lake Wilderness Park)
    • Special recreation taxes such as the Recreation Tax District in Cocoa/Rockledge
    • Referendums, such as the three referendums approved in the November 2000 election for North Brevard, Merritt Island, and South Brevard
    • Funding from various municipalities for services performed in those cities
    • Funding from cities for joint projects
    • Florida Department of State funds through grants and legislative appropriations
    • Federal funds through the Community Development Block Grant
    • Grants from other agencies
    • Revenues from services and facilities, such as the Campgrounds, Golf Courses, facility rentals, class and event fees
    • Occasional donations

Besides monetary funding, the Department receives valuable services and cost saving measures such as joint-use of facilities with the Brevard County School Board, Brevard Community College, and volunteer services from organizations and individuals.

Gun Range

Q: Is there a public gun range for rifle and pistol target practice?

A: Yes, there is a gun range west of Titusville and Mims managed by the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. It is located south of State Road 46 off of Hatbill Road.

From I-95 go 4 miles west on SR 46, then go south on Hatbill Road ½ mile to where pavement ends, turn left into the gun range.
Information: 321-268-1312.

Horseback Riding

Q: Are there horse trails in any of the Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department parks and sanctuaries, and does the Parks and Recreation Department have horses for rent for trail riding?

A: Yes, there are horse trails in designated parks and sanctuaries managed by the Department, but the Department does not rent horses.

Parks and sanctuaries with horseback riding trails include:

More information on EEL conservation areas and sanctuaries in the EEL Program Sanctuary Recreation Guide.

Equestrian sites are also elements of Referendum Projects for proposed development in North Brevard and Palm Bay Regional Park in South Brevard.

Horse rental services are listed on local business web directories (such listings may not be complete).

Visit our Equestrian web page for more information.


Q: What kind of employment opportunities are available in the Parks and Recreation Department?

A: The Parks and Recreation Department has many permanent, part-time permanent, and seasonal job descriptions on file at the Human Resource Department, and current job listings can be viewed at Brevard County Open Jobs Listings website.
JOBLINE Number: 633-2032
This number operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides information on current job openings. Listings are updated each week.

For contractual, seasonal, and volunteer positions you can inquire at Area Parks Operations Offices.
North Area 321-264-5105
Central Area-Mainland 321-633-1874
Central Area-MI/Beaches 321-455-1380
South Area 321-255-4400
[Note: For Ocean Lifeguard information contact the Public Safety Department-Ocean Lifeguard Program:
321-633-2056 or 321-868-1145.

For information about golf course personnel and volunteer opportunities at the Golf Courses, contact:  
THE HABITAT at Valkaria Golf Course  Pro Shop: 321-952-6312
THE SAVANNAHS Golf Course in Merritt Island  Pro Shop: 321-455-1375
SPESSARD HOLLAND Golf Course in Melbourne Beach  Pro Shop: 321-952-4529

Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Volunteer Opportunities are also available. More information about that program is available at:

Q: Do you have information about your department and about Brevard County available for Parks and Recreation professionals considering relocating to Florida?

A: For the Parks & Recreation Career Minded -- a brochure including photos and details about the Parks & Recreation Department and Brevard County demographics and services can be downloaded (5MB PDF viewable in Acrobat Reader)

Memorial Gifts

Q: Do you have any opportunities to buy or sponsor a place in a park to honor the loss of a loved one?

A: Yes, we have a Memorial Tree Program in conjunction with Keep Brevard Beautiful. You will find details at the Keep Brevard Beautiful website. People like the Tree program because trees tend to be more durable than park benches and speak about the regeneration of life.

The trees are planted in our parks. You could contact an Area Office directly for details on a planting location. Ask for the Parks Maintenance Superintendent.

North Area Parks Operations
475 North Williams Avenue,
Titusville, FL 32796
Ph: 264-5105

Central Area Parks Operations Mainland
840 Forrest Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32922
Ph: 633-1874

Central Area Parks Operations Merritt Island/Beaches
951 Kiwanis Island Park Road
Merritt Island, FL 32953
Ph:  455-1380

South Area Parks Operations
1515 Sarno Road, Building B
Melbourne, FL 32935
Ph: 255-4400

Model Planes & Trains

Q: Is there a model airplane field at a County facility?

A: Yes, at Space Coast Communities SportsComplex in Sharpes. Call North Area Parks Operations Office for details: 321-264-5105. Email: Spaceport R-Cers for activity details.

Park Hours

Q: When are the parks, athletic facilities and boat ramps open?

A: Unless designated otherwise, Brevard County Parks open just after sunrise and close at dusk.

Parks with Community Centers and Athletic Facilities are open after dark for scheduled activities. Operating hours for Community Centers and Nature Centers may be obtained by contacting the specific facility.

Boat Ramps are open 24 hours a day.

For further information or for reservations for events at Brevard County parks, call the related Parks Operations Office.

Planning Events

Q: Our group is planning a festive event and picnic, what are the guidelines we need to know to schedule our event in a Brevard County Park?

A: For specific guidance about the park you would like to hold your event at, contact the Area Office that manages the park in question.

Volunteer Opportunities

Q: What kind of opportunities are there for individuals, clubs, or groups to volunteer their services or skills within the Parks and Recreation Department?

A: Volunteerism is itself a recreational pursuit. In fact, the history of recreation and parks in Brevard County is founded on programs organized by volunteers, and is today the result of coordinated efforts of staff along with groups and individuals who have contributed considerable time and resources.

Opportunities range from athletic coaches, golf course docents, special event support—to the memorial tree program, and support services for nature centers and endangered lands sanctuaries. Contact the associated Operations office for more information:

Advisory Boards & Committees


Community Centers
& Special Events

Environmentally Endangered Lands Program

Golf Courses

Historic Interest

Nature Centers

Friends of the
Enchanted Forest

Friends of Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary

Partner Leagues & Organizations


Q: We are planning our wedding and are interested in having it in a park. Can you tell us which parks we would be able to have a ceremony at?

A: First, since we have over a hundred parks located countywide, it would be good to narrow down what type of site you prefer. Parks are listed at our web site by Area: North, Central Mainland, Central Merritt Island/Beaches, South Area. Each park has a narrative describing facilities and some physical features that may help you decide.

Some suggestions for selecting a park:

  • If most of your guests are in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area, then South Area parks may be the place to start.

  • Or if you prefer to be on the waterfront, then you could look at beach and river parks.

  • Number of guests would be another consideration — if you are having a hundred or more guests, then parks with large pavilions and plenty of parking would be deciding factors.

Click for park listings.

Listed below are some parks that have been used for weddings and receptions. If you don't find one here, keep looking through the Area Parks listings, there are other parks you may find suitable.

For more information about any of these parks and to reserve a meeting room or pavilion, you can call the appropriate Area Office at the number indicated (except for a few facilities such as Veterans Memorial Park in Merritt Island, and Gibson Complex in Titusville, where the number to call is specifically listed). 

NORTH AREA — 321-264-5105

  • Cuyler Park Community Center
  • Fay Lake Wilderness Park (lakefront, pavilion)
  • Fox Lake Park (large pavilion)
  • Port St. John Community Center
  • Sand Point Park (riverfront, pavilion)
  • Tom Statham Park (river - has meeting room that can be rented)


  • F. Burton Smith Regional Park (small lake - large pavilion & lots of parking)
  • Taylor Park Rockledge (landscaped, pavilion)


  • Cherie Down (beach)
  • Kiwanis Island Park (riverfront - large pavilion & lots of parking)
  • Lori Wilson (beach, pavilion)
  • Osteen Park (riverfront, pavilion)
  • Rotary Park - Merritt Island (pavilion)
  • Woody Simpson Park Community Center
  • Veterans Memorial (riverfront boardwalk attached to nice meeting room, lots of parking—For activity and facility rental information, contact the Brevard Veterans Council at 453-1776)
SOUTH AREA — 321-255-4400
  • Fisherman’s Landing (riverfront, pavilion)
  • Lake Washington Park (lakefront, pavilion)
  • Melbourne Riverview Park (river, pavilion)
  • Pineda Landing
    POW/MIA Community Center
  • Rotary Park at Suntree (riverfront - parking limited)
  • South Mainland Community Center - Micco
  • Spessard Holland Beach Parks
  • Wickham Park (pavilions, lots of parking)
  • Viera Regional Park Community Center

Wheel Chair Access

Q: We have a wheel chair bound family member who would like to join us at the beach. Is there a beach park where we can access the beach with a wheel chair?

A: Their are crossovers at the following Brevard County beach parks that accommodate wheel chair access to the beach:

  • Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach
  • Canova Beach Park
  • Howard E. Futch Memorial
  • Spessard Holland Beach Park-South
  • Coconut Point Park Bonsteel Park


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Central Area Operations Office
840 Forrest Avenue
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(321) 633-1874

South Area Operations Office
1515 Sarno Road, Building A
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EEL Program Office
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Campgrounds Operations

Golf Operations
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