Residential Pool Permit Application

Contractors, who are registered users, can make application, view status / review comments, pay fees, and obtain an issued permit 24 hours / days a week.

Email notification will be sent whenever your application status changes.

All information is intended as a guide and may not cover every situation. Additional information may be required dependent on individual project circumstances.

Type of Work

Residential: Installation of pool or spa.

Licensed Professionals

  • Swimming Pool Commercial Contractor
  • Swimming Pool Residential Contractor
  • Swimming Pool Service Contractor

We are encouraging all customers to submit required application documents in digital format. For Brevard’s Advanced Service Site (BASS) applications all documents can be uploaded directly to the permit application. For Walk-in applications documents may be submitted on a compact disc or flash/thumb drive.


  • Application for Building Permit – complete with notarized signature of contractor. [IF owner acting as contractor, only owner can sign and owner must appear in person]
  • Owner/Builder Application for Contractor Exemptionsigned by the owner and notarized.
  • Subcontractor Authorization for each named subcontractor
  • Copy of recorded Notice of Commencement (NOC)
  • Residential Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Safety Act Notice of Requirements NOTE: where a wall of a dwelling serves as part of the pool barrier, all doors providing access to the pool through that wall shall be equipped with an alarm or other safety device.
  • Land Clearing / Landscaping Information and Affidavits
  • Manufacturer’s Specifications for the pump and main drain, and for door/window alarms, floating alarm, and baby barrier as applicable
  • Plot Plan - typically overlaid on a Boundary Survey. Must be dimensioned and drawn to scale. Depict all existing and proposed buildings, structures, and improvements with distances to property lines, and location where heavy equipment will access property from the street. Must have Environmental Health Services approval stamp if on septic and show wells, septic tank, and drain field.
    • NOTE: Section 62-2123 requires minimum setback of 5 feet for swimming pools and pool screen enclosures. If a screen enclosure will be added to your pool in the future, locate the pool on the property in a manner to allow compliance with the 5-foot setback requirement for the future screen enclosure.
  • One (1) Copy of Signed/Sealed Plans – Plans must indicate any metal door frame or metal window frames that are within 5 feet horizontally of the inside walls of the pool and within 12 feet above the maximum water level of the pool. Where a wall of a dwelling serves as part of the pool barrier, include all door and window locations inside the barrier area. [NOTE: Contractors may submit “wet seal” drawings.]
  • IF Above Ground Pool: One copy of manufacturer’s installation instructions; ladder, pump, filter, and electrical details; and any deck must show height, wall section, steps, and guard rails.
  • IF on a coastline: State Department of Environmental Protection Approval. For more information, contact the State Department of Environmental Protection, 850-921-7778.
  • IF on a coastline: Marine Turtle Protection Affidavit


The fees listed herein are intended to assist in estimating total permit fees. Fees for individual projects may vary dependent on circumstances. Fees on permit applications entered incorrectly or in error, including but not limited to, duplicate entries, will not be refunded.

Associated Fees with This Permit Application
Application Processing Fee$25.00 Application Processing Fee is due at application submittal for both on-line and walk-in applications.
Unlicensed Contractor Activity Enforcement$10.00
Building Code Review$75.00 for the first $1,000.00 of job value + $3.25 per $1,000.00 of job value or portion thereafter.
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 468.631 BCA1.5% of the Building Code fees above (which includes the Application Fee) or $2.00 whichever is greater
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 553.721 FBC1% of the Building Code fees above (which includes the Application Fee) or $2.00 whichever is greater

All Permit Types

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