Florida Power and Light Storm Preparedness

Reporting and tracking power outage on phone.

Reporting and tracking an outage

Florida Power & Light Company understands that power outages can be an inconvenience. FPL provides tools for you to track outages and get updates on power restoration in your area. For faster access, download the FPL app from the App Store or Google Play, or text “App” to MyFPL (69375) to stay connected and informed with ease. You can also visit FPL.com  to report or check the status of your outage.

Worker restoring power.

How FPL restores your power

Florida Power & Light Company is dedicated to restoring your power safely and as quickly as possible after a storm. Our highly skilled restoration teams work around the clock, prioritizing critical infrastructure to ensure power is restored to your community. Click here to learn how FPL restores power.  Additionally, the company urges you to always be aware of potential safety hazards, especially before, during and after severe weather. Find tips on how to prepare on FPL.com/Storm .

Power trucks lined up for storm preparedness.

Be Proactive: Storm Preparedness

Living in Brevard, we are no strangers to unpredictable weather conditions. With hurricane season taking place June 1-Nov. 30, it’s essential to be prepared. Florida Power & Light Company works year-round to prepare for severe weather and is ready to respond to whatever weather comes our way. Prepare your family and/or business for storm season by visiting FPL.com/Storm  and access helpful resources, tips and guidelines to ensure you and your loved ones are ready when storms strike.