South Lake Conservation Area

Hours of operation: Monday through Sunday, day use only.

This 155-acre site provides primary protection to the Florida scrub jay and other scrub species. The site is home to a variety of habitats and other species that include pine flatwoods, depression marsh, and gopher tortoises.

Access to the site is off of Dairy Road in Titusville, west of North Carpenter Drive. A parking area and informational kiosk is available by turning right onto Lancaster Lane.

Two tall trees flanking a wide trail
Trail through thick brush
Information area in front of trail
South Lake Convservation Area Sign
Wooden fence around sanctuary
Path going between 2 tall trees




Wildlife Viewing

Do's and Don'ts

  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Removal of plants, animals, archaeological, or cultural resources is prohibited.
  • Do not feed, disturb, or harm wildlife.
  • Pets, smoking, alcohol, and motorized vehicles are prohibited.

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