Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Treasure Coin Hunt

The search is on! In celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program, commemorative treasure coins are being hidden at a variety of nature sanctuaries throughout Brevard County for visitors to find and keep.

All we ask is that you let us know if you find a coin by sending us a photo of you holding the coin at the hiding location and include a quick summary of how you found it. We would like to share your search story for others to enjoy.

The only clues provided will be the trail map and a single photo of each hiding location.  All photos are taken directly from the marked trail.

All coins will be hidden within 10 feet or less of a marked trail.

All hiding locations will be visible from the trail.

No digging or climbing will be required.

Coins may only be directly visible from a specific angle.

Please only keep one coin per person. 

Take a photo of yourself holding the coin at the hiding spot and send it to us.

We will notify treasure hunters on Facebook and update this page once a coin has been found so others don’t continue to look for it.

Get Out and Explore your local nature sanctuaries and best of luck in your quest for a Treasure Coin.

Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program commemorative treasure coins.

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Search now for currently hidden coins. Click on the following Coin Clues and Map links to receive trail maps and clues.

Treasure Coin Hunts Clues and Maps

Grant Flatwoods Coin Clues and Map

Treasure Coin Hunt Scorecard
Location Coin Status
Enchanted Forest Coin #1 Found
Enchanted Forest Coin #2 Found
Enchanted Forest Coin #3 Found
Enchanted Forest Coin #4 Found
Grant Flatwoods Coin #1 Found
Grant Flatwoods Coin #2 Found
Grant Flatwoods Coin #3 Found
Grant Flatwoods Coin #4 Found

Treasure Hunter Stories

Barb and Dale showing off the coin they just found.
Fig.1 - Victorious Coin Hunters at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary!
Child displaying coin number 1 found at Enchanted Forest.
Fig.2 - Triumphant Treasure Hunter!
Young adult in a Star Wars shirt displaying the coin he found.
Fig.3 - This Treasure Hunter found the first coin at The Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary!

Fig 1. Barb and Dale:

We found coin #3!

Happy 30th anniversary! Thank you for the added incentive to get out & explore some of Brevard's nature sanctuaries! We love the Enchanted Forest & we loved revisiting it!

We had a great hour & a half hike on April 7th exploring the trails in search of one of the treasure coins. It was 5:00pm, closing time at the park. So we said that we would be back. There were 2 coins that were still available.

We returned on April 13th looking for only 1 specific location now as the 3rd coin had been found. It only took about a half hour when the location was spotted! Woo hoo! We found one! We had a great time & continued exploring & hiking the trails for another hour. We returned to the nature center & were looking around when we spotted the location where coin #4 had been hidden! Wow! I don't think that we knew that location was there! Great fun! 

We think that this was a great idea & hope that many more coins at different parks are hidden.

We have been Geocaching for 15 years & appreciate Brevard County Parks & Rec & the EELs program allowing geocaches to be placed. We will encourage our local Geocaching group to get out & look for a treasure coin!

Barb & Dale

Fig. 2

My son found coin #1 at The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary this morning.

Thank you for creating this celebratory scavenger hunt. Our family enjoyed the well kept trails while looking for the treasure.

Fig. 3

Hello, my son found the #4 treasure coin at the Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary today. We started our hike at the Micco trailhead. He was loosing hope after having passed a thousand other pine trees before coming upon the red blaze with the double trunks like the clue picture. He was very excited to pull away a palm frond and see the coin hiding. Thank you for creating this fun scavenger hunt!

Child holding a found coin.
Fig.4 - Another lucky treasure hunter at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary
2 children showing off coin they found.
Fig.5 - Two Treasure Hunters at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary!
Grant Flatwoods Coin 1 Found
Fig.6 - Success at last!

Fig. 4

Treasure Coin Found!

The coin in (Fig. 6) on the Magnolia trail. Found about noon today just as the troops were getting tired! It gave us enough energy to finish out our hike! What a fun adventure! Thank you! We were so close to giving up. We were going the opposite direction and I happened to turn around and see that part on the tree. We didn’t even get close to spotting the others. And even did some trails twice! A solid 3 hour adventure that’s greatly appreciated because both boys are sleeping! So much fun!

Fig. 5

Treasure Coin Found!

We found coin #4 at the Enchanted Forest! After searching some trails, we stopped at the theatre for a snack before leaving and slowly realized that this might be the tree we were looking for. Kids were very excited- apparently, they were indeed the “lucky charm” we needed. They had to take one-minute turns holding it for quite a while.

Fig. 6

I’m so happy I decided to look at EEL website after my hike yesterday and learned about the Coin Hunt. I just had to go out again today to find one. I started my hike at the Crepe Myrtle trailhead and kept my eyes peeled for one of clues. It was pretty obvious when I found the rootball. I looked around it for a couples minutes and finally saw the little baggie.

Fig. 8

We found coin #3! It was at the big oak with the bicycle. What a great adventure. The picture clue was a huge help!! Thank you.

Hiker displying the coin he found at Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary.
Fig.7 - This treasure hunter found Coin #2 at the Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary.
Young boy displaying coin he found which has a turtle on it.
Fig.8 - This lucky treasure hunter found the last coin at the Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary!