Current Beach Project Updates

Four beach and dune restoration projects are currently planned, or underway, between Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet. The shoreline projects are described below in geographic order from north to south.

The US Army Corps of Engineers plans a beach nourishment on the southern portion of the Brevard County North Reach project area in March/April 2021. Work will take place between 2nd Street North, Cocoa Beach and Patrick Air Force Base. A detailed schedule, including the order of work is not yet available, but work on the beach is expected to take place between March 1st and April 30th 2021.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is currently nourishing the beach along the shoreline of Patrick Air Force Base and work is expected to continue until late February. Portions of the Base beaches will be closed at times, but additional details are not available to the County.

The Army Corps and their contractor began work in the Brevard County South Reach project area on January 15th. The South Reach project area stretches from Flug Avenue Indialantic, southward 3.8 miles to Spessard Holland Park. Work in the South Reach is expected to be completed by April 30th, 2021. In early to mid February, work will be taking place between Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach, and Tampa Avenue in Indialantic, generally working northward. By late February, work will continue northward to the area of the Indialantic Boardwalk. Additional schedule information will be provided as it becomes available.

A separate emergency dune restoration project has commenced in the South Beaches between Spessard Holland Park South and Sebastian Inlet State Park. Sand placement is only occurring at areas that suffered significant erosion in September 2020. Work is now underway in the 3000 to 4200 blocks of A1A. After this segment is completed, limited sand placement will be completed in the 6000 block. All sand placement will be completed by mid-March. Sea Oats will be installed along most of the South Beaches dunes during the months of March and April. Work on this project will be completed by April 30, 2021.