About Us

The Brevard County Historical Commission was established by ordinance of the Brevard County Commission to "collect, arrange, record, and preserve historical materials" and to perform other functions such as obtaining narratives of the early pioneers, marking historical locations throughout the county, and recording historical information.

The commission will be meeting only 4 times per year, each to be determined at the previous meeting, in the Genealogy Department on the second floor of the Central Brevard Library in Cocoa. Call the Historical Commission office at (321) 633-1794 for more information.

As described elsewhere on this Web site, the Historical Commission has undertaken a number of projects to carry out its charter, including:

  • The publication of an official Brevard County History
  • The designation of Historical Landmarks and publication of a pamphlet identifying them
  • The preservation on microfilm of early newspapers and maps
  • The collection of individual oral histories on video
  • The publishing of a journal entitled Indian River Journal
Historical Commission Members
District IPaula J. Beckner/td>
District IRoz Foster
District IVacant
District IIHenry U. Parrish III
District IIJack Ratterman
District IIVacant
District IIIVacant
District IIIVacant
District IIIVacant
District IVMargaret Goudelock
District IVGeorge P. Kistner III
District IVMartha Loss
District VJane Beach
District VCindy Forstall
District VGregg Young

Historical Records Archivists

  • Michael Boonstra
  • Tammy Moon