Brevard County Repair, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Program

This program NOW CLOSED .

Brevard County has received State and Federal funding to assist low-income homeowners with repairs.

If your household income is at or below the Annual Income Limit for your family size, we may be able to assist you with repairs to your home.

All applicants for this Program must comply with Federal, State and County regulation. This includes repayment of all or part of the assistance provided by this Program to repair your home if you sell or transfer title of your home within the lien period.

Brevard County does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, sex, familial status, national origin, or handicap.

Does your house have any of these problems?

  • Leaky roof
  • Damage due to roof leaks
  • Windows that need to be repaired or replaced
  • Water heater not working
  • Plumbing problems
  • Furnace problems
  • Electrical problems
  • No insulation
  • Not accessible to disabled persons

You may be eligible if:

  • You are a resident of Brevard County outside the city limits of (These cities have their own repair programs):
    • Palm Bay (321) 726-5633
    • Melbourne (321) 674-5734
    • Cocoa (321) 433-8520
    • Titusville (321) 567-3784
  • You own your home.
  • The total income of everyone in your household is at or below the income on the chart for your family size.

Under State of Florida regulations, manufactured units may be eligible for repairs. Manufactured units in trailer parks cannot be assisted through this program.

Income Includes:

  • Wages, Salaries and Earnings
  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Pensions
  • Disability
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Interest and Dividends
  • Any other income including assets

For More Information

Iselole Vitale
Contract Administrator
Phone: (321) 633-2007

Linda Graham
Assistant Director
Phone: (321) 633-2076 or (321) 633-2007