Environmental Resources Management Program

The Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Program protects, preserves, and maintains Brevard County's natural resources to promote a sustainable future. ERM administers environmental regulations, and provides science-based professional services to manage environmental projects.

Environmental Review and Permitting

Environmental Review & Permitting administers environmental regulations required under Brevard County’s Comprehensive Plan. This is accomplished through the review and approval of development orders. Staff review a variety of applications, including:

  • Residential and commercial building permits
  • Site plans for residential, commercial, and industrial land development
  • Rezoning and land use changes
  • Private lake, land alteration (borrow pit), and rock revetment permits

We also provide environmental consultations and perform site inspections. Staff assist customers in the identification of the natural resources found on properties by reviewing current natural resources maps and performing on-site inspections. We also provide technical staff support to the Board of County Commissioners and county advisory boards such as the Local Planning Agency. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for a full list of services.

Environmental Review & Permitting code compliance staff enforce environmental ordinances; investigating citizen complaints, with an emphasis on achieving resolution through education, restoration, and proper permitting.

Ecosystems Management

Ecosystem Management staff develop and implement programs to protect and restore natural wildlife habitat and vegetative communities.

Staff members provide cost-effective environmental land management services on county-owned stormwater ponds, environmental mitigation and restoration projects, and constructed wetlands. We manage contracts for ecological and environmental services and perform scientific research and monitoring.

White Heron in flight over wetlands.