Business Self Certification Registry

If you are a business located in Brevard County, and qualify under the definition of “park”, you can register your business under the Brevard County Business Self-Certification Registry Regarding Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators, also known as the “Business Self-Certification Registry (BSR). In order to qualify as a “park”, a private business must be used for recreational purposes and an area where children regularly congregate. In order to be listed on the Registry, please provide: (1) the address of the business, (2) the purpose of the business, and (3) a summary of what activities take place at the business.

This Registry is a voluntary effort made available to businesses to assist the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies with better protecting the public health, safety, and welfare from individuals who commit certain sex-related offenses. The information provided will improve the abilities of law enforcement agencies to better protect the public.

The County will attempt to ensure that the information in the Registry is accurate and complete. However, the County relies on other sources for the information and, as a result, the County makes no express or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information or data in the Registry.

The Business Owner understands and acknowledges that, upon submission of this form, the information contained therein will become a public record subject to disclosure pursuant to Florida’s Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.