Kiwanis Park at Geiger Point

Key Park Features

This 7-acre community park projects into the Indian River Lagoon offering scenic views and shoreline fishing. With a .25-mile paved walkway connecting the picnic shelter with grill, 2 picnic tables with grills, and benches, it is a popular wayside stop and site for brown bag lunches.

Sidewalk along the river
Pavilion surrounded by palm trees
Bridge over the river
Sidewalk going into the brush
Walkway though palm trees


Playgrounds: No

Restrooms: No

Ocean Beach: No

Bicycle Roadways: Yes

Athletic Facilities:

.25 mile walking trail, .25 mile bicycle trail

Nature Trails / Centers: No

Community Centers: No

Gymnasium: No

Boat Ramps: No

Camping Features: No


1- 12' x 15' Pavilion with 2 tables and 1 BBQ grill

Picnic Shelters / Areas:

2-Picnic Tables

Fishing Features:

2 Areas