Flutie Athletic Complex

Catching the sea breezes, this 29-acre community park is an athletic complex and home of two youth athletic organizations: South Beaches Little League and Brevard Soccer Alliance. Facilities include a medium pavilion, playground, benches, tennis courts, soccer fields, Little League fields, a restroom / concession facility and a restroom / concession with meeting room.

Flutie Athletic Complex Sign
Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts


  • Playground
  • Restroom
  • 2 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • 2 Unlighted Multi-use Fields
  • 1 Lighted Multi-use Field
  • 1 Lighted Senior Little League Baseball Field
  • 2 Lighted Major Little League Baseball Fields
  • 1 unlighted T-Ball Field
  • 1 - 32' x 42' pavilion with 6 - 8' picnic tables

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