Brevard County Public Safety Group

The mission of the Brevard County Public Safety Group is to provide Brevard County a safe environment in the right place, at the right time, every time.

Firefighters spraying water on a buring house with a firehose.

Fire Rescue

Brevard County Fire Rescue is committed to being recognized as "best in class," delivering the highest level of service to our residents and guests, today and every day.

Flooded neighborhood during a hurricane.

Emergency Management

Brevard County Emergency Management is responsible for the disaster preparedness of our residents; communication and coordination of emergency services before, during, and after a disaster; development of contingency and preparedness plans; and providing education on how to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters.

Public Safety Office

Scale of justice.

Community Corrections

The Brevard County Community Corrections team aspires to provide excellence in criminal justice services. Its mission is to strengthen community safety.

Medical examiner looking through microscope.

Medical Examiner's Office

The District Medical Examiner (DME) is appointed by the Governor and under contract with the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners. The Associate Medical Examiner is appointed by the DME. All other personnel are Brevard County employees.

Crossing guard stopping traffic for 2 children crossing the street.

School Crossing Guards

There are 68 School Crossing Guards employed with Public Safety Group. Each is certified with the State of Florida and is responsible for the safety of students crossing designated intersections to and from school.


A community in which all members, businesses, and organizations thrive, creating a better life by providing:

  • Quality and timely emergency response and prevention outreach
  • Comprehensive, progressive emergency operations management and exceptional public safety emergency communications services focused on saving life and reducing suffering
  • Appropriate, compassionate, and excellent post mortem services
  • Effective community corrections
  • Superior school crossing guard operations

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Responsive Customer Focus
  • Transparency
  • Stewardship