Pavement Rejuvenation 2022

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In fiscal year 2018, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved and funded a road resurfacing and reconstruction program to be administered by the Public Works Department. The BOCC instructed Public Works to address a large backlog of roads that needed to be reconstructed or were at risk of falling into reconstruction, and keep up with road resurfacing. Since 2018, Public Works has rebuilt and paved more than 400 miles of our overall roadway network that consists of 1140 centerline miles of county roads. To protect the public’s investment, Public Works is expanding their road program to include a pavement preservation pilot study.

While new to Brevard County, pavement preservation is widely used across the Country and throughout Florida, and represents a proactive approach that we will be piloting on 44 miles of roads in order to keep roads in good condition and extend their lifespan. It is most effective when the pavement is treated while still in good condition and before the onset of serious damage. Enhancing the safety of the roadway and improving the ride comfort of the road surface provides a benefit to the traveling public.


Beginning in May (weather permitting), the County’s contractor, Pavement Technology, Inc. (PTI), will be performing pavement preservation work on local county roads using a preservation product known as Reclamite® Rejuvenator. Reclamite® is an asphalt rejuvenating emulsion that restores the asphalt pavement back to its proper chemical balance, reduces road fatigue, and slows the oxidation process. This preservation technique is designed to delay deterioration on recently paved roadways by protecting the asphalt surface from damage due to exposure to the elements, such as UV rays and wet weather. Extending the life of the roadway helps reduce future costs and tax dollars needed for paving. The process will involve spraying a pink colored rejuvenator liquid, allowing the liquid to cure, placing sand on the treated roads for traction, and sweeping up the excess material. Any light residue that tracks onto your driveway will disappear within 1-2 weeks. It will not permanently stain concrete.

Public Works will be measuring the results of pavement rejuvenation as well as other treatments during the pilot program’s study period. If all goes as expected, we intend to continue increasing the County’s number of miles treated annually, while also continuing to resurface and reconstruct roads.

Learn more about MRT and pavement rejuvenation by viewing this informational video from PTI.

A list of FAQs may be found at PTI’s website.


Public Works plans to rejuvenate approximately 44 miles of county-maintained roads. Residents will be notified of the rejuvenation work with door hangers. The entire project (44 miles) is estimated to take 21 days. Dry conditions are required to ensure proper penetration and bonding of materials used in the rejuvenation process, therefore residents should be aware that any rain will push scheduled work out to the next day.

During the application process, all pedestrians, vehicles and parked cars must be off the streets. Roads will remain open and temporary lane closures may be required to accomplish this work. While we try to ensure minimal disruptions to traffic, motorists should expect some delays while traveling through the work areas. As such, motorists should consider adding additional time to their commutes and are recommended to use alternate routes while work is being completed. Motorists need to be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, and be extra alert, as well as watch for and obey flaggers and other traffic control devices within the work zone.

To see if your road is scheduled for rejuvenation, please download PTI’s 21-day schedule.

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