Brevard County Utility Services Customer Service

Finding Water Service

Here at Brevard County Utility Services we provide water service only for the following areas:

  • Mims and North Titusville
  • Barefoot Bay and Sans Sebastian

For residents starting service in any other area of Brevard County you will need to contact your city water provider directly.

Find your water provider by using our map  and easily search by address.

Billing Offices Contact Information

North Brevard Water & Sewer

2262 High Dr.
Mims, FL 32754

Phone: (321) 264-5130


Barefoot Bay Water & Sewer

931 Barefoot Blvd., Suite 2
Barefoot Bay, FL 32976

Phone: (772) 664-5916


Open a New Account

Before applying check that we are your service provider . We only provide water services in Mims, Barefoot Bay, and San Sebastian.

To begin service forms are available at our billing offices or online on our forms page. When completing an application make sure the form is for your service area in either Mims, Barefoot Bay, or San Sebastian and include the following in your application package:

  • Application form for your specific service area
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s and co-applicant’s driver’s license
  • A copy of proof of ownership, such as the closing statement from the home purchase, or a copy of the rental agreement which provides contact information for the owner.
  • A deposit (amount will be found on the application form)
    • Deposit amounts will vary. Please contact the billing office for your area to get more information.

After you have a completed an application package you can bring it into the billing office for your area or send remotely by mail or email. Billing office location and contact details can be found at the top of each applications or on our contact information page.

Initial application for water/sewer connection for new units being constructed must be made through the Brevard County building permit process. To set up new connections at a new property contact our Administration office at (321) 633-2091 for more information.

Payment Methods

Currently we are accepting the following payment methods:

Cash or check can be mailed in or placed in a drop box located at each billing office. Please understand that we cannot provide you with change if you use this method. We will credit that amount to your account towards future payments.

Credit Card payments can be set up through our online billing service. See our customer pay portal .

We also offer free auto pay direct from your bank account. Please fill out the form and be prepared with your bank information including account number, routing number, and provide identification when going to your local billing office. Existing customers can also sign up for auto pay using our customer pay portal . Please see the back of your monthly bill for more details.

Payment Extensions

The Utility Services Department will grant 1 payment extension per customer per 12 month period for payment of the monthly bill.

  • The extension will be limited to no more than 7 days, and the request must be made prior to the scheduled date for termination of service.
  • Under unusual circumstances, the department may authorize a special payment schedule for impact fees.
  • To be eligible for a special payment schedule, request must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the due date for the impact fee.