Utility Services Development of Water and Wastewater Services


The Utilities Development team provides technical guidance, engineering services, inspection, and project coordination for water, sewer, and reclaimed utility projects within Brevard County Service Area.


The Utilities Engineering team is responsible for project management of all elements of Brevard County Utility’s capital improvement program. This service entails management of the planning, design, and permitting of all aspects of the potable (drinking) water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems within the County's nine utility service areas. Our team ensures quality and cost effective utility infrastructure improvements complying with Federal and State regulations. Examples of the types of utility infrastructure managed include: water plants, wastewater plants, drinking water wells, wastewater pump stations, reclaimed water facilities, and pipelines conveying water, waste, and reclaimed water.

Utilities Engineering also provides services for County departmental design review and permitting, negotiating and monitoring utility interlocal agreements, Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) support, updating and maintaining CAD details sheets and standards within the Criteria for Water and Sanitary Sewerage Systems within Brevard County, utility hydraulic modeling, publication and distribution of utility system maps, providing fire flow data support to Public Safety.

Permitting and Inspections

The Development section of Brevard County Utility Services assists developers, engineers, and contractors with the design, construction and activation processes through Brevard County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This section also schedules the inspections requited for the construction of water, sewer, and reclaimed water systems as well as the individual connections to the sewer system. The reviewing of residential and commercial building permits through the Brevard County and cities building divisions, calculating the connection fees and assuring they meet the Brevard County Code is also completed by the development staff.

Engineering Criteria

To obtain a list of the required documentation that will be due prior to activation of water, sewer, and reclaimed water systems, you will need to contact Utility Services. Please note that all questions regarding the development process should be sent to Utility.Development@BrevardFL.gov. We attempt to reply to all questions within 3 to 5 business days.


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