Current Beach Project Updates

Four beach and dune restoration projects are currently planned, or underway, between Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet. The shoreline projects are described below in geographic order from north to south.

The US Army Corps of Engineers beach nourishment on the North Reach project area is underway. Work between now and the end of April, will take place primarily between 2nd Street North and 9th Street South in Cocoa Beach.  Less intense activity such as moving equipment and pipeline will also take place between 9th Street South and the project's staging site at 13th Street South. Work on the beach will be completed by April 30th 2021.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is currently replacing beach crossovers at Patrick Air Force Base and work is expected to continue through May. Some public beach crossovers on the Base may be closed at times, but additional details are not available to the County.

The Army Corps and their contractor began work in the Brevard County South Reach project area on January 15th. The South Reach project area stretches from Flug Avenue Indialantic, southward 3.8 miles to Spessard Holland Park. Work in the South Reach has now been complete, with only minor work remaining to restore project staging areas.

A separate emergency dune restoration project was completed in the South Beaches between Spessard Holland Park South and Sebastian Inlet State Park. Sand placement was completed in areas that suffered significant erosion in September 2020.  Sea Oats were installed along most of the South Beaches dunes during the months of March and April. Work in the South Beaches is now complete with the exception of minor restoration at project staging areas.