Live Local Act

In 2023, the Governor and the Florida Legislature passed and signed into law Senate Bill 102 known as the Live Local Act.  In 2024, several bills revising the Live Local Act were signed into law.  The Act is intended to address the state's growing housing affordability crisis through significant land use, zoning, and tax benefits.  It makes various changes and additions to affordable housing related programs and policies at both the state and local level.  It also requires certain information be made available on local government websites.

Inventory List of all Real Property for use as Affordable Housing

The Board of County Commissioners, in regular session on September 12, 2023, conducted the public hearing and adopted Resolution No. 23-100, that includes an inventory list of property that is within the County's jurisdiction to which the County holds fee simple title, and which has been found to be appropriate for use as affordable housing.

Zoning/Land Use of Affordable Housing Development

Pursuant to Florida Statute 125.01055, Brevard County has implemented procedures to administratively authorize certain affordable housing developments not otherwise permissible under Brevard County Code of Ordinances. The procedure for such administrative approvals is outlined in Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Policy BCC-100, which can be found here:

This Policy is administered by the Brevard County Planning and Development Department, Planning and Zoning Office. For more information you can visit the Planning and Development Department’s website, or call (321) 633-2070.

Expedited Permitting Procedures

States of Emergency: Pursuant to Fla. Stat. Sec. 553.7922, Brevard County will institute expedited procedures for permitting for those permits that do not require technical review such as roof repairs, reroofing, electrical repairs, service changes, or the replacement of a single window or door. It is Brevard County’s expectation that such permits will be processed within 3 business days in the event of a declared emergency.

Pursuant to Board of County Commissioners Policy BCC-50, the County Manager has the authority to waive fees for permits necessary to repair damage during a State of Emergency when it can be demonstrated that a financial hardship exists and other forms of assistance, such as private insurance, are not available.

Affordable/Workforce Housing: Pursuant to Chapter 62, Article XVII , Brevard County Code of Ordinances, additional resources are available for permitting related to affordable and workforce housing for the purposes of expediting and facilitating such permits. Developments in which 30 percent or more of the entire project is affordable as designated by the Code can receive the assistance of the county's affordable/workforce housing team. The team will provide technical assistance to facilitate the movement of the project through the necessary permitting procedures. Priority use of the team resources will be given to developments with affordable units, and a longer period of affordability. This team will include staff members from the following County Departments, at minimum: Planning and Development, Natural Resources, Housing and Human Services, and Public Works.

On May 21, 2024, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 24-052, opting out of the exemption for developments with units serving those whose annual household income is between 80% and 120% of the area median income. 

Additional information regarding provisions of the Live Local Act is available through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation:

Brevard County is currently in the process of implementing changes to increase the accessibility of information and documents on its website.  If you require assistance to better access these documents or information contained therein please contact the County’s ADA Coordinator by phone at (321) 637-5347 or by email at

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