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The Brevard County Beach Management Program administers several beach restoration projects that place beach quality sand and native dune vegetation along the Atlantic shoreline to protect upland property and maintain healthy beaches to be enjoyed by residents, tourists and wildlife.

Because healthy beaches are essential to Brevard’s tourism based economy, the Tourist Development Council has dedicated a portion of the bed tax (collected from hotels and motels) to fund the local cost share of most County beach management projects.

In addition to traditional beach projects, Brevard County continues to seek innovative technologies which may improve the function or cost effectiveness of future beach restoration projects.

Dune vegetation.

Dune Vegetation

No dune restoration project is truly complete without the replenishment of native vegetation. The reintroduction of native vegetation helps to restore the beach / dune ecosystem.
Adding sand to the beach.

Restoration Projects

Details about various Brevard County Shore Protection Projects: Canaveral Bypass Project, North Reach, Patrick Air Force Base, Mid Reach, South Reach & South Beaches.

Beach Management News

  • Current Beach Project Updates

    Dec 29, 2020, 08:33 AM by Natural Resources
    Four beach and dune restoration projects are currently planned, or underway, between Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet.
  • Artificial Reef Mitigation Project

    Aug 19, 2020, 08:57 AM by Natural Resources
    The reefs are low lying, concrete mats topped with coquina limestone and will be located in approximately fifteen feet of water, roughly 1,000 feet from the beach.