Yard Waste, Mulching and Composting

Yard waste is any vegetative matter generated from improved real property such as leaves, grass, pine needles or shrubbery cuttings resulting from the care of lawns or landscape maintenance. This may include tree trimmings or removal, if done by the homeowner; and must meet the preparation guidelines. Contractors are responsible for hauling away all yard waste and land clearing. Such term does not include large quantities of sod, dirt and trash from land clearing or other materials requiring special handling.

Yard waste collection guidelines:

  • Prepare yard waste so that all branches, limbs, palm fronds and other materials are reduced to sizes not exceeding four (4) feet in length, two (2) feet in diameter, and fifty (50) pounds in weight.
  • Yard waste (yard waste cuttings, grass cuttings, leaves, small clippings and trimmings) generated from a single family residence may be placed in a customer owned receptacle with a maximum 40-gallon capacity.
  • Notify collector and arrange for a special pick-up if yard waste removal does not meet the size and weight limits listed above (Schedule Special Residential Yard Waste Pick-Up).
  • Separate yard waste from other solid waste and place at your designated collection point.
  • Containerize grass cuttings, leaves, small clippings and trimmings.  
  • Please note: the use of any type of bags (paper or plastic) for yard waste is prohibited.
  • Set yard waste at the curb in time for residential collection which begins at 6:00 a.m. and runs until 8:00 p.m.

Waste Management will pick up all properly prepared yard waste placed at the curb or at the designated collection point from each single-family and multi-family residence, not less than one (1) time per week.

For more information call:

  • North Brevard: 636-6894
  • South Brevard: 723-4455

Free Mulch

Brevard County residents can get free mulch at any of the locations listed below. Call the Facility that is near you ;for more information and availability.

  • Central Disposal Facility, Cocoa 633-1888
  • Mockingbird Mulching Facility, Titusville 264-5009
  • Sarno Landfill, Melbourne 255-4365

Residents can also take their yard waste to these locations.


For information on backyard composting call the Agricultural Extension Service in Cocoa at 633-1702 or visit the University of Florida site.