Brevard County Public Works

The Public Works Department is made up of the following programs:

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Public Works Administration / Finance

Tammy Thomas-Wood, Public Works Support Service Manager

Administers the design and construction of transportation improvement projects funded through gas tax and locally collected impact fees. The Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) and Special Assessments area provides residents with a funding mechanism for specific infrastructure improvements including road resurfacing, water, and sanitary sewer line installation. The Customer Service area provides citizen support and referrals as well as, staff support for all programs within Public Works.

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Road and Bridge Maintenance

Susan Jackson, Assistant Director, Road & Bridge Manager

Administers the maintenance of all County roadways, drainage structures, ditches and canals, and the design, installation, and maintenance of landscaping projects on County roads and facilities.

Construction and structure concept of Engineer meeting for project working with partner and engineering tools on blueprint.


Rachel Gerena, P.E., Public Works Engineering Manager

Permits and inspects improvements in the County right-of-way and provides inspection on County transportation projects.

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Traffic Operations

Corrina Gumm, P.E., Traffic Operations Program Manager

Oversees all signage, signalization, and striping.

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Survey & Mapping

Michael Sweeney, Brevard County Surveyor, Surveying and Mapping Manager

Consists of surveying services, vacating, right-of-way use agreements, and map reproduction.