St. Johns Heritage Parkway Alternative Corridor Evaluation

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Brevard County is conducting a transportation planning study known as an Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE). The study is being conducted to evaluate new roadway corridors that could connect the existing segments of the St. Johns Heritage Parkway. The limits of the study are from Babcock Street to Malabar Road in Brevard County and the City of Palm Bay, a distance of approximately 14 miles. The project location map is provided and described in the Project Files below.

An ACE Study involves a range of technical evaluations including collecting data and analyzing existing conditions, a range of engineering and environmental evaluations and public engagement and agency coordination. The goal of the study is to identify a corridor that can be advanced to the next phase of project development, which in this case would be a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study; however, there is currently no funding in place beyond the ACE Study. A project of this magnitude generally takes between 10 and 12 years to complete depending on the availability of funding.


The study began in January 2020 and will take approximately  28 months to complete. Two public meetings will take place throughout the study. Additionally, updates will be provided at the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (T.P.O) board meetings and at Brevard County Board of County Commission meetings. Brevard County will also hold Working Group meetings with representatives from local, regional, state and federal agencies over the course of the project. The study schedule is provided and described in the Project Files below.

The Working Group meeting scheduled for February/March 2022 will be delayed until later this spring.  The project team is working with the Florida Department of Transportation (F.D.O.T.) Office of Environmental Management (O.E.M.) on a new format for the methodology that will be used to evaluate the five viable corridors that are under consideration.  The project schedule will be updated once the new methodology is approved.

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