Long Description of Project Location Map

The project location map depicts the general study area and is presented on what is commonly known as a base map. A base map is a map without an aerial background that depicts the roadways in the study area. The study area, which is approximately 14 miles in length from end to end, extends from the southern section of Babcock Street approximately one half-mile south of Micco Road to the western end of Malabar Road. The study area is outlined on the base map with a dark orange dashed line representing the study area boundary; the inside of the study area is presented in a lighter orange shading. The study area is generally in the shape of the letter “L”. The study area is bound by the Three Forks Conservation Area on the west; Babcock Street and Degroodt Road on the east; a boundary approximately 2.5 miles north of the Brevard County line on the south and the western end of Malabar Road on the north. The map also depicts two segments of the St. Johns Heritage Parkway, both shown as a blue line. The first segment extends from Babcock Street to I-95 and the second segment extends from Malabar Road and goes north eventually connecting to US 192. The project location map does not extend as far north as US 192, however. The map also depicts items such as the Palm Bay city limits, shown by a grey alternating dashed line; local roads, represented by white lines outlined in grey; I-95 represented in yellow lines outlined in grey and the Micco Scrub Sanctuary and Three Forks Conservation Area depicted by green shading. A legend of the symbology described above is located in the bottom left hand corner; to the left of the legend is a north arrow shown in black and white and then a scale bar that shows 0, 0.5, and 1 mile segments, also shown in black and white. The bottom portion of this graphic lists the Brevard County logo located in the bottom left-hand corner, the name of the project, the St. Johns Heritage Parkway Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE) Study, the limits of the project from Babcock Street to Malabar Road Brevard County, Florida, the Financial Project Identification Number 441412-1, and to located in the bottom right-hand corner is the title of the map “Project Location Map".