Emergency Preparedness Plans for Individuals with Special Needs

The Brevard County Special Needs program is for residents with specific health and/or medical conditions needing assistance with sheltering in times of an emergency or disaster during an evacuation. Residents who meet the Special Needs criteria and have no other alternative for a safe shelter should register with Emergency Management.

You can register in the following ways:

  • Using the Everbridge Online Application
  • Faxing (321-633-1738) or Emailing us a paper copy of the Special Needs Application
  • By calling 321-637-6670
  • You can also talk to your home health care agency, hospice agency, medical supply company, or other caregiver, who can assist with completing and application.

Once registered, annual updates are required to keep information up-to-date.

For Special Needs Clients with Pets

As part of the Special Needs registration application, there will be space provided to share information about your pets. Due to health concerns, pets are NOT allowed in Special Needs shelters, so when it comes time to go to the shelter, you will receive a call which will verify your need to be taken to a shelter and pet information. You will be given an approximate time that you will be picked up and Animal Services will pick up your pet. You will need to have your disaster kit, your pet, and their items ready. Once the emergency has passed, and you have returned home, Animal Services will return your pet.

Transportation Assistance to a Shelter

Transportation is free to all Special Needs and primary evacuation shelters, and will be provided to residents who register a transportation request either as a part of a special needs application or if a resident has no means of transport to a shelter. Transportation will only be provided to and from a shelter. No other destinations will be provided.

When Going to a Shelter

A shelter is a place to go in the event of an evacuation, but it can be noisy, crowded and have few personal comforts. Shelters should be your last resort if you have nowhere else to go. A shelter is a stressful environment for everyone; please treat your fellow evacuees with courtesy and kindness.

Residents going to a shelter need to take their own supplies, some of which may be found in your disaster supply kit:

  • Bring your own pillows, sheets, blankets, portable cot or air mattress, chaise lounge, folding chairs or sleeping bags.
  • Cots or beds are not provided
  • If you are on a special diet, bring a supply of nonperishable food that will be sufficient for 3 days per person.
  • All required medications and medical support equipment:
  • Wheelchair/walker, oxygen, dressings, feeding and suction equipment, diapers, etc.
  • Any specific medications or care instructions ( 2-week supply)
  • Personal hygiene items, like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, towels, brush/comb, dentures, glasses, eye drops, diapers, etc.
  • Entertainment items, like games, cards, books, magazines, etc.

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