Vial of Life

The Office of EMS is proud to have a "Vial of Life" program.

This program is offered to the citizens of Brevard County. When 911 is called, time is crucial. In many instances, patients are unable to remember or communicate information that is critical to providing appropriate care. A "Vial of Life" speaks for them. The Vial allows individuals to have their vital medical information such as medications, medical history, allergies, and emergency contact information readily available for first responders.

The Vial is ideally stored on the top shelf in the refrigerator, or other clear and visible location in a common area. The Vial is capable of containing information for individuals or entire households.

How to request a Vial of Life:

Participation is free. Simply contact the Office of EMS at (321) 633-2056 and request a Vial which contains a medical information form and two, green "Vial of Life" stickers.

What to do once you have a Vial of Life:

  1. Fill out the medical information form in pencil. (So you can make changes)
  2. Place the form in the Vial, and store on the top shelf of the refrigerator door.
  3. Place one “Vial of Life” sticker on the front door, or window near a main entry point to your house. This alerts personnel that there is a Vial with a medical information form available.
  4. Place the other sticker on the outside of the refrigerator.
  5. Keep the form up to date. (Including medication dosage/frequency)

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