Single Stream Recycling for the Bathroom

Single Stream Recycling is an automated sorting process designed to handle non-hazardous items from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office and mailbox.  The recyclables are then collected and transported to a material recovery facility where they are sorted and processed.

Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs and Dispensers

Plastic soap and cream containers

Plastic Soap and Cream Containers

Liquid soap, shampoo and cream bottles and dispensers should be rinsed and recycled with caps left on.

Plastic spray and pump bottles

Plastic Spray and Pump Bottles

Empty spray and pump bottles that contained non-hazardous household cleaning products.

Plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles

Bottles from mouthwash and skin cleansers should be rinsed and recycled with caps on.

Plastic baby wipe tub

Plastic Wipe Tubs

Baby cleaning and hand wipe tubs should be empty.

Plastic deodorant dispensers

Plastic Deodorant Dispensers

Stick deodorant dispensers should be empty and recycled with caps on.

Aluminum and Steel (Tin) Cans

Aluminum can of shaving cream

Aluminum and Steel Cans

Metal cans from shaving cream, mousse and lotions should be empty. Caps can be left on.

Metal facial cream tin

Metal Cream Tins

Tins from hair and face cream, cleansers should be empty and rinsed.

Cardboard Boxes and Tubes

Box of tissues

Cardboard Tissue Boxes

Empty and flatten.

Box of toothpaste

Cardboard Toothpaste Boxes

Empty and flatten.

Box of soap

Cardboard Soap Boxes

Empty and flatten.

Cardboard toilet paper tubes.

Cardboard Toilet Paper Tubes


Bathroom Garbage

Line striking through plastic prescription medication bottles

No Plastic Prescription Medication Bottles

Prescription medication bottles are typically too small to be sorted by single-stream equipment. They also contain prescription medication residue that is not healthy to mix into the recycling stream.

Medication Disposal
Line striking through hypodermic needle

No Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles are dangerous to recycling workers. They should be disposed of properly through the Household Sharps program.

Household Sharps
Line striking through disposable diaper

No Diapers

Diapers are NOT recyclable even if they are clean. Put all diapers both clean and dirty in the garbage.

Line striking through baby wipe

No Wipes

Wipes are not made from a recyclable material. If placed in the recycling cart they can contaminate other materials.

Line striking through tooth brush and tooth paste

No Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tubes

Although both toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes are made from plastic they are not a type of plastic that can be recycled.

Line striking through container of dental floss and dental floss tool

No Floss Containers and Flossers

These types of materials are not made from a plastic that is recyclable.

Line striking through box of tissue and roll of toiet paper

No Tissue and Toilet Paper

Tissue and toilet paper have too short of fibers to be turned into a new paper product. Also, once wet or dirty they are a contaminate to other recyclables.

Line striking through disposable razors

No Disposable Razors

These pose a danger to the employees at the recycling facility. This type of plastic is not recyclable.