Commercial Marine Construction Permit Application

Application requires review by county staff. Contractors, who are registered online users, can apply online, upload documents, monitor application progress, schedule inspections, and pay fees 24 hours a day / 7 days a week through Brevard's Advanced Service Site (BASS). Access BASS 

You will be notified by email of any changes made to your application status.

All information is intended as a guide and may not cover every situation. Additional information may be required dependent on individual project circumstances.

Type of Work

Commercial: Installation or replacement of docks, seawalls, or boat lifts in manmade bodies of water (canals, drainage easements, and drainage rights-of-way).

Licensed Professionals

Professionals may only obtain permits for the scope of work in accordance with their license type. Some professionals may be required to name subcontractor(s).

All contractors and subcontractors performing marine construction work or working over water must demonstrate having US Longshoreman's and Harbor Workers insurance coverage.

  • General Contractor
  • Marine I Contractor
  • Marine II Contractor
  • Property owners acting as their own contractor, Owner/Builder, must appear in person
Documents Needed with This Permit Application
Application for Building Permit (pdf, 249 KB)Application not required if submitted online by a licensed contractor
Owner Builder Application for Contractor Exemption (pdf, 546 KB)Required if you are an Owner/Builder
Subcontractor Authorization (pdf, 506 KB)Required for each subcontractor
Seawall and Dock Affidavit (pdf, 123 KB)N/A
Notice of Commencement (pdf, 96 KB)

Required if job value exceeds $5,000.00

*Note: NOC must be recorded with the Clerk of Courts and uploaded, then approved by Planning & Development, before scheduling inspections.

PlansConstruction documents signed and sealed by a Florida Registered Architect or Engineer, Florida Product Approvals, truss engineering, etc. (these can be separate documents).
Plot PlanCopy of survey showing the location and dimensions of proposed and existing seawalls, docks, piers, piles, and boatlifts with dimensional ties to property lines and dimensional ties to the projection of property lines into the water. Width of the waterway, canal, or drainage easement/right-of-way and the proposed maximum projection of the marine construction activity into said waterway. Location of turbidity barriers during construction. Location of native vegetation impacted by seawall construction.
SurveyCurrent (prepared within the last 180 days) and unaltered survey prepared by a Florida Land Surveyor showing all existing improvements, easements, and any drainage pipes or other drainage improvements. The survey must show the width of the waterway, canal, or drainage easement/right-of-way.

We are encouraging all customers to submit documents in digital format. For Brevard's Advanced Service Site (BASS) applications all documents can be uploaded directly to the permit application. For Walk-in applications documents may be submitted on a compact disc or flash/thumb drive.


The fees listed herein are intended to assist in estimating total permit fees. Fees for individual projects may vary dependent on circumstances. Fees on permit applications entered incorrectly or in error, including but not limited to, duplicate entries, will not be refunded.

Associated Fees with This Permit Application
Application Processing Fee$25.00 Due at application submittal
Unlicensed Contractor Activity Enforcement$10.00 Due at application submittal
Building Code Review$100.00 for the first $1,000.00 of job value + $5.25 per $1,000.00 of job value or portion thereafter.
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 468.631 BCA1.5% of the Building Code fees above (which includes the Application Fee) or $2.00 whichever is greater
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 553.721 FBC1% of the Building Code fees above (which includes the Application Fee) or $2.00 whichever is greater
Fire Prevention Review$50.00 + .0033 x the job value. (Based on construction value or Building Value Data Table, whichever value is greater)
Public Works Review$125.00 Flat Fee
Natural Resources Review$90.00 Base Fee
Zoning Review Fee$210.00 Base Fee