Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections Available through VuSpex

  • No Scheduling Required
  • Now available for Commercial and Residential Permits
  • Contractors simply submit VuSpex Inspection Offline Field Reports 24/7 at their convenience

Please download the New VuSpex GO App for Contractors from the App Store or Google Play. Enhanced features allow for submittal at a later time when Wi-Fi service is available.

Offline Inspections available as VuSpx Offline Field Reports (VuSpxOFR):

  • Drywall
  • Electrical Final
  • Fence
  • Footing
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical Final
  • Monolithic Slab
  • Roof Dry In

Virtual Live Video Inspections available (VuSpexLive) Inspections in real-time with the onsite Contractor and offsite Inspector.

  • Mechanical Final (Residential only - Scheduling required)

New Process with Big Advantages for Offline Inspections

Offline: Contractors perform an onsite self-inspection with photos, video & notes for Submission and review by the Inspector. You may use the VuSpex GO App or login to VuSpex Contractor Portal on your desktop to submit field reports.

Please review VuSpex GO User Guide (download PDF), refer to pages 14-19 on how to submit a Field Report on the VuSpex GO App.
Visit VuSpex Contractor Portal Inspection Submittal Video Tutorial on how to use your PC desktop.

Important: Location settings for photos are required to be enabled for permit address verification; iOS Location Setting InstructionsAndroid Location Setting Instructions. Photos taken with the VuSpex GO App are not stored on your phone under photos, only within the app.

Note: The Permit Status must be "Issued" and no Inspection Requirement Conditions can apply, such as "NOC Required" for example; otherwise the submittal will not go through. If you receive such a message, please verify your permit status on BASS (Brevard's Advanced Service Site) or call 321-633-2187 for more information.

  1. Offline Inspections Do Not require to be scheduled in advance. No need to call ahead! This saves time for contractors and County staff! 
  2. The Contractor simply logs in, attaches Photos or Video, enters information, selects Permit Number, selects Inspection Type and submits the VuSpx Offline Field Report (VuSpxOFR) at their convenience!
  3. The Field Report (VuSpxOFR) is submitted to the Brevard County Building Department
    1. The Inspector is automatically notified that a new VuSpxOFR has been submitted
    2. The Contractor receives an email of the VuSpxOFR Submittal for documentation
  4. The Contractor can view the VuSpxOFR submittal on the permit record, as a scheduled inspection, on BASS (Brevard's Advanced Service Site). Note: A BASS User account is not required to use VuSpex Virtual Inspections or view the record on BASS.
  5. The Inspector reviews the VuSpxOFR submittal and results the inspection
  6. Emails are sent with the inspection results to the Permit Applicant and any contacts listed on the permit.
  7. BASS (Brevard's Advanced Service Site) lists the VuSpxOFR Inspection Results on the permit record

Offline inspections are not scheduled anymore. To schedule a Live Virtual Residential Mechanical Final Inspection only, please contact the Building Department at 321-633-2187.

How to Set Up VuSpex for Brevard County Inspections

You must download the VuSpex GO App to your mobile device (IOS, Android phone) and register prior to your first virtual inspection. If you have not registered, you will not be able to participate in a virtual inspection. VuSpex GO User Guide

To get started:

  1. Download the New VuSpex GO App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and register.
  2. Ensure your iOS or Android phone has adequate resolution and signal quality.
  3. Location settings are required to be enabled for Photos; iOS Location Setting Instructions, Android Location Setting Instructions
  4. Enable Microphone, Camera, and Push Notifications
  5. Create your account by entering your Name, Email (accessible from same phone), Mobile phone number (of same phone), and Password.
  6. Wait for verification email from VuSpex and enter the 4-digit code in the VuSpex application.
  7. Select Florida for State and Brevard County for Agency when prompted.
  8. Sign in to the application using the email and password you entered when you created your VuSpex account. 
  9. Allow VuSpex GO to use your Location while using app (required).

If you experience any trouble installing or setting up the application or creating a new account, please contact VuSpex at

Existing VuSpex account holders: your login will remain the same. Please download the New VuSpex GO App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Login and follow the VuSpex GO User Guide, refer to pages 14-19 for Offline Field Report submittal.

VuSpex Support

Monday – Friday

Hours: 11 AM to 8 PM (EST)


Phone: (844) 288-7739. Ext. 2 (Leave a detailed voicemail)