Brevard County Planning and Development Contractor Licensing Board

The purpose of the Contractor Licensing Board (CLB) is to serve as the local construction regulation board as defined in F.S. Section 489.105(12). The board shall have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the examination, qualification, regulation and control of any person or firm desiring to engage in business in the unincorporated areas of the county and required to be licensed under this article.

The board shall have the power to determine the qualifications of applicants for the various classes of certificates of competency; to issue certificates of competency; to hold hearings to determine if a certificate of competency should be suspended or revoked for any violation of this article; to establish the length of time and terms and conditions, if any, for such suspension or revocation; to investigate complaints against any person required to be licensed under this article; to initiate corrective or punitive action against any person or firm violating the provisions of this article including, but not limited to, calling of an administrative hearing or filing of a complaint for injunctive relief, all in accordance with the procedures hereinafter set forth; and to call upon members of the industry to advise and assist it.

The board shall have the power to hear and decide appeals of any decision or interpretation rendered by any administrative officer of this article, or any amendment thereto, or any building code, fire code, ordinance, law, rule, regulation, policy or procedure established by the commission relating to the construction industry. The board shall serve as the board of adjustment and appeals as provided in any technical code adopted in this chapter. To the extent that any technical code defines such board's composition contrary to section 22-501, said technical code shall have no effect.

The board may make such rules and regulations as are consistent with the general policies of this article as it may deem necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of this article. The board shall have the power to administer oaths and to compel the attendance of witnesses at any general or special meeting, including administrative hearings, called by the board.

For the purpose of administering the terms and provisions of this article, the board may call on the permitting and enforcement department to furnish such employees as may be necessary to carry on or assist the board in the performance of its duties.

Board Members
District 1N/AN/A
District 2Bud Crisafulli – Chairman
Roger Drabyk
District 3N/APatrick Ripton
District 4David Foley
Ralph Durham Jr
Kerry Gardner
District 5Clifford Barber
Brian Fleis
Albert Underwood - Vice Chairman


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Note: All dates subject to change without prior notice.