Firework Safety

In 2022, it is estimated 10,200 people were treated in hospitals for injuries due to misuse of live, misfired, and wasted consumer fireworks.  In 2021, fireworks caused an estimated 12,264 fires which included 2,082 structure fires, 316 vehicle fires, and 9,866 other fires. In 2022, almost one-third (36%) of estimated firework injuries were received to children 15 years and younger. Sparklers, which can burn to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, accounted for one-quarter of the firework related injuries. Sparklers burn hotter than the point at which glass melts.

The best way to prevent injury from fireworks is to avoid fireworks. Individuals and families should avoid the purchase and use of consumer fireworks. Use the tips below for safe alternatives to fireworks.

Alternates to Fireworks

  • Use glow sticks
  • Spray silly string
  • Throw water balloons with skin safe dye
  • Use biodegradable confetti or glitter
  • Use a bubble machine

If you still want to participate in fireworks, go to a professional show.



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