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  • Curbside Pick Up for Holds Available

    Jul 1, 2020, 14:55 PM by Brevard County Public Library
    Do you want to keep your distance, but still get the new Dresden Files book, or the next season of The Good Place? You can have your library items delivered to the curb!
A person using WiFi with their laptop.

Free Wi-Fi

All libraries offer access to the Internet and online applications with multiple desktop computers. Free Wi-Fi is also available for laptop and tablet users at all our libraries.

A person using their phone to print from a wi-fi printer.

Wireless Printing

Brevard County Libraries offer mobile printing! Go to the library home page where you want to print your document(s) and follow the instructions.

A young man holding a stack of books in one hand while holding up a library card in the other.

Library Cards

Free for residents!

Need to Discover, Create, Learn, or Connect in Brevard County? Get a free resident library card!

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